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Making A Difference: Lexington Students Have “Peaceful” Playground

LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18) Some Lexington students are kicking off the new school year with a brand new playground.

The new playground at Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary School is a series of diagrams painted on the blacktop of a parking lot.

It includes popular kids games like 4 Square, 21, bean bag tosses, and Hopscotch.

The […]

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Physical Activity Articles (Kids)

What does moderate to vigorous physical activity mean for kids?  by Rachel DeHaven, Physical Activity Specialist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Simply put, moderate and vigorous are terms to explain how hard your body is working when doing that particular activity. Exercise physiologists measure activity in metabolic equivalents, or METS. One MET is define as the […]

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Recess Articles

The 2014 School Health Policies and Practices Study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 82.8 percent of elementary schools provided daily recess for all grades indoors, while fewer than two-thirds of middle schools and only 26.5 percent of high schools offered physical activity breaks outside of physical education. From 2000 through […]

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Play Articles

Listing of play articles most current articles on the top.

How Play Fits Into Social and Emotional Learning.  All of Chicago Public Schools are seeing big gains by allowing students to play.  By Jill Vialet Playworks Founder


The Critical Place of Play in Education.  U.S. Play Coalition Document.

This document is on Play in Education.

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Safer Playgrounds: Assessing Layout, Supervision, and Staff Training

The Second Step Enewsletter contained a great article on “Safer Playgrounds: Assessing Layout, Supervision, and Staff Training.”

The article covers tips and research on the physical environment on playgrounds and  playground supervision.

For additional information go to the Committee for Children website.


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Active Design

More information coming soon!

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ACTIVE Schools Fundraising

Do you need to raise money for your physical activity project?  You’ve come to the right place.
Peaceful Playgrounds has partnered with Safe Routes to Schools and ACTIVE SCHOOLS FUNDRAISING.
Looking for a healthy way to fundraise?  Interested in raising funds to purchase Peaceful Playgrounds products/services? Join the Safe Routes to School National Partnership on September 14th to learn about Active Schools Fundraising, […]

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10 Suggestions for a Peaceful Playground

This is a list of 10 suggestions for making your playground a peaceful place for fun and games.

 Have classroom teachers walk students around the playground on the first day of school.  Introduce playing areas and those areas that are off limit during recess.
Introduce students to playground rules and procedures. For example:  freeze at the bell, […]

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Peaceful Playgrounds’: Designed for Learning

painting suggestions

An ever constant mantra in teaching is “what is the learning objective?”  Is your playground a place of active learning?  When I was a principal, I remember an experience while observing a classroom of 3rd graders.  Students were digging in a sand bucket for plastic dinosaurs. In California, dinosaurs are not in the 3rd grade course […]

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Professional Learning Networks: Grow 4 it!


This blog post is written by Paul Rosengard, Consultant to the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation. 

Follow Paul at @paulrosengard

Grow 4 It!
Part 5 – the “T” in “Grow 4 It!” stands for, “Tracking Your Plan”
Hello and welcome back to this series on professional growth – for physical educators! If you haven’t already read all 4 parts of “Grow4It!” […]

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10 Rainy and Snow Day Activities for Indoor PE & Recess Requests

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Concord Road School paves the way for kinder recess

By Jackie Lupo


December 11, 2015

Second-graders use the playground during recess on Dec. 7.

ARDSLEY — Recess can be fun for some elementary school students, but stressful for newcomers or those who lack strong social skills. Hoping to promote a culture of kindness on the playground, Concord Road Elementary School recently joined two initiatives gathering […]

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Painting Peaceful Playground Games in Oklahoma Schools

Painting Peaceful Playground Games in Oklahoma Schools, July 2015
by: Blake Taylor Lawrence Elementary, Wichita, KS and Vaughn Humbolt, Rosalia, KS


In January of 2015, I was asked by Lindsi Lemons the Program Director of Schools for a Healthy Lifestyle, and Jason Hasty of the Putnam School district, if I would be interested in Painting peaceful playground […]

Assessing Physical Activity

If you are applying for a PEP Grant or a grant to get children more physically active you will need assessments to show growth in these areas.


Assessing PA

The School Health Index (SHI): Self-Assessment & Planning Guide 2014 is an online self-assessment and planning tool that schools can use to improve their […]

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Bullying Prevention : Members

Bullying Prevention Members Area

Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Schools and Communities




California Department of Education. The manual reviews bullying model programs and includes a teacher’s guide and makes reference to bullying videos, and bullying books for children.


To End Bullying Teach Empathy
Empathy toolkit




Empathy: The most important back to school supply.
Webpage :



Bullying Prevention: Is Empathy the […]

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