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Nature Deficit Disorder: Does Your Child Ask “Are They Real”?

On a recent trip, my 6-year-old granddaughter noticed some flowers on the counter in our hotel. Instinctively, she touched them, followed immediately by the question, “Are they real?” Nature deficit disorder and the question, "Are they real?" The question caused me to pause. She touched the flowers, yet she still asked, “Are [...]

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Why Play? The Importance of Play

  Play is the brain's favorite way to learn. For the generation of Americans that lived by the daily adage, “you must come inside when the street lights come on,” the importance of play was intuitive and occurred naturally in the course of everyday American life. Baby boomers recite the street light regulation [...]

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Can Physical Education Make You Smarter?

For some time, researchers have known that physical education and exercise changes the structure of the brain, resulting in improvements in concentration, fidgeting and creates new brain cells. The body-mind link is well documented. But current thinking and actions (like eliminating recess and physical education) lead me to question if some decisions reflect the cliché [...]

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