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Peaceful Playgrounds Fundraiser

Interested in bringing Peaceful Playgrounds programs and products to your school? Don’t have the funds to purchase Peaceful Playgrounds? We have the solution for you—Check out our online peer-to-peer Peaceful Playgrounds Fundraiser!

Use our Peaceful Playgrounds Fundraiser to raise funds for Peaceful Playgrounds programs and products PLUS we provide everything you need to help make your online peer-to-peer fundraiser successful and you will receive FREE SHIPPING!

It’s simple:

  • Let us know what Peaceful Playgrounds programs and/or products you’d like to raise funds for.
  • We create your team fundraising page and individual fundraiser template.
  • We create a flyer, newsletter content, and social media posts for you to use to promote your fundraiser.
  • Then your school, PTA/PTO, etc. promotes this fundraiser and you’re on your way to fundraising!

You can hold this online peer-to-peer fundraiser on its own or add to a fundraiser you are already doing—we encourage activity & healthy fundraisers! This online peer-to-peer fundraiser is another opportunity for you to raise funds—more funds if you add to a fundraiser you are already implementing to bring Peaceful Playgrounds to your school, community, after-school or early childhood program.

You won’t have to deal with payment transactions, etc. Funds go directly to the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation and are on hold for you. Once you raise funds and are ready to purchase we will process your order.

We subtract a 10% fee from the gross funds raised. That leaves you with the balance available to purchase any Peaceful Playgrounds programs or products. Plus you receive FREE SHIPPING!

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