6’ Social Distancing Playground follows CDC Guidelines for Schools Advisory for Covid-19.    The playground consists of  a series of Activity Zones with age-appropriate games and learning activities to be painted on existing playground surfaces using blueprints, and prefabricated stencils.  QR codes can be scanned with smart phones or smart tablets for video instructions on all the games and activities which inform teachers teaching the activities.  There are 9 Activity Zones.

Components of the 6′ Distancing Playground include: Blueprint, Guidebook of Games, Ladder Challenges (20 with QR Codes), Jump Rope Challenges (12 with QR codes for video demonstrations of challenges), 6 Game Cards and 2 Tip Cards with QR Codes.   Paint and Paint Machine, Stencils and Staff Training.  Comes with a site license for use at a single school site. LEARN MORE

*Inquire about school district special pricing.