A Fitness FunZone Activity: The Fitness Trail

PP Alphabet Track CoverThe Fitness Fun Zone  Fitness Trail has 24 stations which can be configured to meet your needs.  You can make a huge 24 station fitness trail utilizing all 24 station stencils or 2 smaller 12 station trails.

The smaller 12 station trail consists of a set of fitness trail stations like long jump, jump to the sky, quick jumps, and twister to name a few.





The 12 jump rope stations include: Bell, Basic jump, skier and straddle cross jumping to name a few.

The permanently painted fitness trail stations means you won’t be carrying those large orange cones out to the playground with station cards that fly away and get lost.



One of the best strategies for getting children more active is to change the environment making physical activity easy and convenient.  The Fitness Fun ZoneTrail does just that and better yet– it is inexpensive and permanent.


Mix and match stations to meet your needs and the skill level of children.  You may choose to paint the fitness stations in one color and the jump rope stations in another and alternate activities on alternate days for variety and motivation.





Ex Trail Step 2


The Fitness Fun Zone Trails comes with a QR code sheet to scan with a smart phone and see a demonstration of each station activity. Some locations choose to put the QR codes on a sign and post the QR codes so that the are readily available  so the community can use the Fitness Fun Zone Fitness Trail after school hours.

Below is a sampling of the QR Codes to scan  and a sample designs for how to layout your trail.














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