Peaceful Playgrounds Training

How to have a Peaceful Playground Webinar

A Peaceful Playground? Sound Impossible? It’s not.

With a few proven strategies, we’ll show you how to reduce bullying, and reduce playground conflicts, resulting in happy students and a thankful staff.

Our research indicates that 5 situations contribute to 95% of all problems on typical elementary school playgrounds. In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll share those problem situations and our proven strategies for turning your playground into a “peaceful place for fun and games.”

PP Training -“This is a great program, user-friendly, places risk in perspective, demonstrated areas for potential negligence, includes helpful forms that are easily downloadable.” – Bianca Aniski, School Nurse


We highly recommend that you download CHROME before taking this course for the best experience.

The online course concludes with a 20 question quiz. Upon passing the quiz each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion for professional development hours and the option to receive an Open Badge.

In order to gain access to this course, you must register as a user in our system so that a completion certificate will be issued.  A guest checkout will not give you access to the course as you need a login and password to gain access.

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