New Physical Activity Court & Trail

A new physical activity program includes a permanent physical activity court and a trail that is painted on the playground. Unlike a fitness trail that requires expensive outdoor equipment stations, the physical activity court is a low-cost, easy to implement and can be added to existing space or the perimeter of an asphalt area. Another benefit is the elimination for carrying bulky cones and mats to the playground for stations which instead, are painted stations immediately ready for student and community participation.

A variety of activities keeps participants motivated and interested in challenges that are sequenced to progress in difficulty as participants rotate around the court or trail.

A recommended popular solution for reducing childhood obesity is to consider “environmental changes” which serve to remind anyone walking across the playground or park that physical activity awaits them. Environmental interventions are considered one of the most successful strategies in getting both children and adults active as it provides not only a visual reminder “to get active”, but also a convenient insertion within normal daily activities especially for students who will walk around or across the court on the playground during P.E. and/or recess. The popularity of the court is its multi-use function where it can be used by 1) students during the day, 2) after school programs in the afternoon and 3) available to the community and parents after school hours. The ability to scan QR codes and immediately connect to instructional videos of how to perform each station makes it user-friendly and convenient.

The new Physical Activity Court and Trail were released to the general public, organizations, schools and parks in April 2015. The multipurpose court will include dot drills, line drills, and ladder drills embedded within a jogging/walking track. The complete court will consist of approximately 40 physical activities to get children, staff, and parents moving. QR Codes be included so that participants or teachers can scan the code to see how to perform the varies activities at the 40 stations using their smartphone.

Package Contents:

1) Plastic Reusable stencils

  • For lines, dots, ladders, numbers, feet, right foot, left foot and logo.

2) Paint and Paint Machine

  • Our paint machine can be used on asphalt, cement and grass areas. The coordinated machine and paint work together to provide crisp, clean lines and bold marks quickly and professionally. This high-quality paint striping machine features 7″ wheels to provide a smooth ride on hard surfaces, such as concrete and blacktop. Engineered and designed for easy operation and durability.
    • 18-gauge all-steel construction
    • 6-cans paint
    • Stripes widths of 2″ to 4″

3) 40 Instructional Videos

  • QR codes for online viewing with smartphone or tablet
  • 20 ladder drill videos with QR codes
  • 8 line drill videos with QR codes
  • 12 dot drill videos with QR codes

4) Drawings/Diagrams of activities

  • Foot placement illustrations for drills.

5) Online Support and Layout Suggestions.

  • Online layout configurations and examples with distance recommendations.

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