Playground supervision plays a critical role in keeping all kids safe at school.   Yet, only a small number of playground supervisors receive any training on their roles and responsibilities. It is not uncommon as the result of the lack of training injuries occur. But proactive supervision and planning can reduce the likelihood of an injury that results in the threat of a lawsuit because of inadequate playground supervision.

Generally speaking, lawsuits against schools or providers arise from an accusation that playground supervision was deficient, and because of those deficiencies, a child was unnecessarily injured. The phrase lawyers use when talking about playground supervision is “negligence” because of a violation of the duty of care to keep children safe.


Playground Supervision Training and Certification Online

A school’s best defense in court is a well-trained supervisor. Annual training for Playground Supervisors should occur in order to ensure student safety.   Our Playground Supervisor Training and Certification is convenient and cost effective. We offer this course online.  The Peaceful Playgrounds Online Playground Supervisor Training and Certification are designed to introduce