Now it is easier than ever to spread the power of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program with the Instructional Playground Games DVD.

Three sets of game videos with QR codes and three accompanying Rules Guides is now available, that can be used by teachers and students alike, to easily learn how many exciting and constructive playground games are played!

Learn how to create a playground that really works!

Navigate the easy-to-use menus to select any of over 25 games actually filmed being played by real students, games for Pre-school and Kindergarten, Primary Grades 1-3 & Upper Elementary Grades 4-6.

These are all the games students will love, like Frog in the Sea, Scramble, Freeze Out, Number & Alphabet Grids, Four Square, and many more!

Preschool – Kindergarten Games

Alphabet Grid / Midline Jumping / Crossover Walking / Skipping Track / Multi-Use Circle – Pinball / Multi-Use Circle – Name Ball / Multi-Use Circle – Scramble / Balance Beam / Hopscotch

Primary Grades 1-3

Ball Hopscotch / Frog in the Sea / Tetherball / Freeze Out / Multi-Use Circle – Hit the Bucket / Multi-Use Circle – Name Ball / Number Grid / Four Square / Bean Bag Four Square / Multi-Use Circle – Four Corners / Bean Bag Target Toss / Alphabet Track

Upper Elementary Grades 3-6

Around the World / Pickle / Prisoner / Bounce Ball / Long Ball / Twenty One / Four Corners / Basketball / Backup / Box Ball / Four Square / Handball / Jollyball / Newcomb / Sideline Basketball / Shuffleboard / Team Four Square / Tetherball / Volleyball / Volley Tennis.

Playground Games Videos – Included with the Peaceful Playgrounds Program!

“I have used Peaceful Playgrounds for a year now and it really works. We’ve seen fantastic results. Now with this training video for our playground supervisors, I think it will enhance our supervision 100% and make our playground even better and safer. Recess used to be something we all dread. Now the kids and adults look forward to it. It’s really fun.” – Counselor Rhondalyn Mock – Jackson Elementary School

25 Elementary Videos with QR Codes  with Activity Guides

Games VideosMore than 25 elementary playground games and activities delivered in an instructional “how to play” format. Violations are also demonstrated and taught.

Each QR Codes with games for use with a smart phone or tablet comes with a companion rules guide which emphasizes the five components of a Peaceful Playground.

The Videos offer the specific rules, and activities for the game markings.