The Recess Program that Works!

Are you tired of playground arguments and confrontations? Post recess discipline issues steal away a principal’s time and classroom teaching opportunities.  Principals across the nation have turned to  Peaceful Playgrounds Program for over 20 years to solve these problems. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program is in over 8000 schools across the nation which attests to its effectiveness in solving problems like bullying, playground arguments, and playground confrontations. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program is an inexpensive physical activity program that improves recess and overall school climate in before, during and after-school programs.  Best of ALL children love the colorful transformation provided by the 100 NEW games and activity choices on the playground.

Research on the Peaceful Playgrounds Program found that it REDUCES bullying, visits to the school nurse,  visits to the principal’s office, and playground injuries while INCREASING the number of physically active children.  The Peaceful Playgrounds Program is an inexpensive way to improve recess and overall school climate before, during and in after school programs.  Best of ALL children love the colorful transformation provided by the 100 NEW games and activity choices on the playground.

All components are included with the Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program Kit. Research indicates that the more components you implement the better the results.

With the Peaceful Playgrounds Program kit you can design permanent playground activities that help make activity time more positive and productive: alphabet and number grids, hopping and skipping lines, and multi-use circles and squares are just a few of the nearly 100 game activities that can be permanently painted on the playground. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program kit is intended to maximize the number of students involved in physical activity, rather than having them wait in line, or just stand around talking.   The Peaceful Playgrounds Program is a nationally recognized and award-winning physical activity program touching nearly 2 million children annually.

Peaceful Playgrounds Offers Education Budget Cut Relief
Peaceful Playgrounds Offers Education Budget Cut Relief

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“Peaceful Playgrounds has transformed our “recess time” to “outdoor learning” time as students experience more time in actual play. They have developed social and emotional skills as well as physical skills. Thank you for providing the training for our entire staff. This provided a common language and set of expectations that makes recess fun for everyone!”
Ruthie Rayner , Hupfeld Academy (OK)
Peaceful Playground has given our recess area organization and a positive identity. The games are kid-friendly and age appropriate!
Patrick Glynn, Principal, Grainwood Elementary (MN)

Recess Program

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What to know more?

1.  Scroll down to view the gallery below of products that are included in the Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program Kit.

2.  Watch the videos below that talk about the program.

3. Open the red bars below for a detailed explanation of the program components.

“With the Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program Kit, you can transform your playground into a colorful arrangement of games kids love to play. The Peaceful Playground Program is UNSTRUCTURED RECESS at its BEST! It provides games, activities and lots of game choices (like a structured recess environment) without dictating what children do at recess.”

#1 Problem on School Playgrounds The Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit is everything you need to create and implement a Peaceful Playground at your school, church or park:

Add 100 Permanent Games and Activities to your Playground

Each of 4 Blueprints and Activity Guides assists you with measurements, layout, spacing, game placement, and overall design. Also included are conflict resolution strategies, teacher training and playground supervisor training materials to complete the package and ensure success! Set up is easy and can be done by members of the school staff and parents.

Complete Playground Blueprints

The blueprints are age appropriate and ensure that appropriate game activities are available to all children. playground blue print There are 4 Playground Blueprints included:

  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Primary (Grades K-3)
  • Upper Elementary (3-6)
  • Field Markings (1-6)

Each Blueprint lists suggestions for painting, placement, and recommended game markings for your asphalt playground layout. The Field Marking Blueprint has suggestions for your turf layouts. The Blueprints have companion rules guides which emphasize the five components of a Peaceful Playground and offer the specific rules, activities, for the game markings found in the Blueprint.

Peaceful Playgrounds Training Video

To ensure success, every staff member should be thoroughly familiar with all five components of a Peaceful Playground. A Peaceful Playground Program DVD is included to assist you with staff and student training.

Everything you need to Transform your Playground

Guides and Blueprints, Stencils, Awards, Coupons, Certificates, Forms and Reports, program overview video, workshop training visuals, supervisor training handouts, and teacher workshop materials.

playground equipmentA comprehensive set of playground equipment that will help you maximize your Peaceful Playground. This equipment pack is a companion product to implement the dozens of games and activities outlined in the Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit. This Playground Equipment Companion Package is all the equipment you’ll need to fully implement the Peaceful Playgrounds Program at your school.

Playground Equipment Pack Contents:

24 Bags 5” Red Nylon Beanbag Packs
2 Balls Tetherballs
2 Balls Kick Balls (Soccer Balls)
1 Ball Pump
12 MSNED Ball Pump Needles (6pc sets)
6 Balls Plastic Softballs
6 Scoop Ball Sets
2 sets Throwdown Bases (5pc sets)
24 Belts White Flag Belts (6pc/pack)
12 Flags Red Adjustable Flags
12 Flags Yellow Adjustable Flags
6 Discs Flying Frisbee Discs
6 balls Jr. Footballs (set of 6 colors)
6 bags Mesh bags (set of 6 colors)
6 balls Size 4 Soccer ball (set of 6 colors)
6 Balls Poly Playground Balls (set of 6 colors)
6 cones Game Cones Sets
6 balls Jr Basketballs (set of 6 colors)
6 balls Volleyballs (set of 6 colors)
12 Ropes 8’ Nylon Jump Ropes
12 Ropes 10’ Nylon Jump Ropes
12 Hoops Hula Hoop
24 5″ Nylon Bean Bags

Recess Stencil SetNew roll out stencils make application a breeze. No measuring! Just roll out the full-size activity stencils, chalk, and paint. Two easy to apply sets to choose from. Brightly colored markings enhance motor skill development and provide activities for an outdoor motor learning lab. Recess Set includes 6 of the most popular recess game markings – Multi-use Circle, Hopscotch, Ball Hopscotch, Ball Target, Number Line and Foursquare. All stencils arrive complete with full game rules and lots of activity suggestions.

Recess Stencil Sets

To assist you with the time-consuming detail work of painting the playground, stencils are included in the program kit. The complete set of 41 durable plastic stencils includes:
– Letter Set (A-Z)
– Number Set (0-9)
– Shape Set (Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle)
– Feet Grid (1 Piece with 2 Feet)

Stencils are made of plastic and are appropriate for use at one school site. They are approximately 8” x 12” high in size when cutting out.

Instructional Playground Games DVD

Now it is easier than ever to spread the power of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program! A ground-breaking set of three DVD’s and three accompanying Rules Guides is now available, that can be used by teachers and students alike, to easily learn how many exciting and constructive playground games are played! Learn how to create a playground that really works! Navigate the easy-to-use menus to select any of over 25 games actually filmed being played by real students, games for Pre-school and Kindergarten, Primary Grades 1-3 & Upper Elementary Grades 4-6. These are games students will love, like Frog in the Sea, Scramble, Freeze Out, Number & Alphabet Grids, Four Square, and much more!

Preschool – Kindergarten Games

Alphabet Grid / Midline Jumping / Crossover Walking / Skipping Track / Multi-Use Circle – Pinball / Multi-Use Circle – Name Ball / Multi-Use Circle – Scramble / Balance Beam / Hopscotch

Primary Grades 1-3

Ball Hopscotch / Frog in the Sea / Tetherball / Freeze Out / Multi-Use Circle – Hit the Bucket / Multi-Use Circle – Name Ball / Number Grid / Four Square / Bean Bag Four Square / Multi-Use Circle – Four Corners / Bean Bag Target Toss / Alphabet Track

Upper Elementary Grades 3-6

Around the World / Pickle / Prisoner / Bounce Ball / Long Ball / Twenty One / Four Corners

3 DVD Set with Activity Guides

More than 25 elementary playground games and activities delivered in an instructional “how to play” format. Violations are also demonstrated and taught. Each Games DVD comes with a companion rules guide which emphasizes the five components of a Peaceful Playground. The DVDs offer the specific rules and activities for the game markings.

Playground Activity Guides

There are 4 Companion Peaceful Playground Activities Guides included for teachers and playground supervisor staff. Our latest guides now include Play Nice Parent Pages, playground behavior forms, equipment check-out form, playground safety rules poster, student injury form and much more! The Activity Guides provide a consistent set of rules for each game and give a program overview as well as playground report forms and equipment lists. Good Sportsmanship Certificates and reward coupons are also found in the guide. Equipment suggestions will help with planning and overall organization of the Peaceful Playground Program.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Alphabet Grid – Balance Beam Snake – Crossover Walk – Directionality Box – Jumping Grid – Leap Frog – Midline Jumping – Multi-use Circle – Scattered Circles – Shape Grid – Stepping Stones with Letters – Tricycle Track – Zig Zag Footprints





Primary Grades K-3

Alphabet Track – Alphabet Grid – Ball Hop Scotch – Bean Bag Four Square – Bean Bag Toss – Cross-Over Walking Grid – Freeze Out Court – Four Corners Court – Four Square Court – Galloping Track – Hit the Stick Court – Hop Scotch – Mid-Line Jumping Grid – Multi-Use Circle – Multi-Use Square – Number Grid – Scattered Circles – Skipping Track – Tether Ball Court




Upper Elementary Grades 3-6

Around the World – Backup – Basketball – Bounce Ball – Box Ball – Four Corners – Four Square – Handball – Jolly Ball – Long Ball – Newcomb – Pickle – Prisoner – Sideline Basketball – Shuffleboard – Team Four Square – Tetherball – Twenty One – Volleyball – Volley Tennis




Field Activities Grades 1-6

Beat the Ball – Couples Tag – Cross Over – Crows and Cranes – Endline Soccer – Frisbee Golf – Hill Dill – Home Run – Line Soccer – Man from Mars – Modified Soccer – One Base Kickball – Rounders – Sideline Soccer – Snatch It – Softball – Throw it and Run Softball – Touch Down – Touch Football – Work-Up Softball

Our paint machine can be used on asphalt, cement and grass areas. The coordinated machine and paint work together to provide crisp, clean lines and bold marks quickly and professionally. This high-quality paint striping machine features 7″ wheels to provide a smooth ride on hard surfaces, such as concrete and blacktop. Engineered and designed for easy operation and durability.

– 18-gauge all-steel construction
– 6-cans WHITE paint ONLY (color paint is available through third party vendors and is at the discretion of the school/customer)
– Stripes widths of 2″ to 4″

The contents of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program are protected by trademark and copyright laws. All documents and materials in the program kits are licensed for use at a single school site only. Materials must be purchased for each physical address where they are to be used. [/expand] [expand title=”8. Staff Webinar: How to Have a Peaceful Playground “]

Staff Webinar – How you can have a Peaceful Playground

A Peaceful Playground? Sound Impossible? It’s not. With a few proven strategies, we’ll show you how to reduce bullying, and reduce playground conflicts, resulting in happy students and a thankful staff. Our research indicates that 5 situations contribute to 95% of all problems on typical elementary school playgrounds. In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll share those problem situations and our proven strategies for turning your playground into a “peaceful place for fun and games.”

Tips for painting the playground.

Peaceful Playgrounds  Brochure  2013
Peaceful Playgrounds Brochure 2013
PP only brochure2013.pdf

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PP Recess Alignment NASPE
PP Recess Alignment NASPE
PP Recess Alignment NASPE.pdf

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