Locomotor skills are the foundation of large muscle movements and the cornerstone of gross motor coordination. There are eight basic locomotor movements which include: walk, run, hop, jump, gallop, skip, leap and slide.

Research suggests that once a child can walk and run comfortably then he/she is ready to learn the other 6 movements. Research from the University of Michigan suggests that these skills should be learned between 2-7 years.

Contents Included with the Set:

The Peaceful Playgrounds Sensory Pathways Locomotor Skills includes 5 stencils: Block Walking, Midline Jumping, Hopscotch, Varibeam, and Cross Over Walking.

Task Cards and Certificates are also included.

 Block Walking:

  • Step across the blocks as if stepping on stones crossing the river. Don’t step off the stone or you’ll end up in the river.
  • Walk across the blocks by only stepping on red, purple, and yellow.
  • Walk across the blocks by stepping on green, blue, and orange.
  • Hop across the blocks by stepping on only red, purple, and yellow.