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Alternatives to withholding recess for discipline issues

Discipline Alternatives to Withholding Recess  I received this question from a parent.  Regarding her child's school withholding recess games for discipline reasons. "My child’s school has started using Peaceful Playgrounds and the children [...]

Apply today for a SHAPE/Skillastics Grant Opportunity

Apply Today: $10,000 Physical Activity Grant Program Skillastics® and SHAPE America are partnering for the second annual Skillastics Physical Activity Grant Program. Skillastics will award five grants to elementary, middle and/or secondary health and physical [...]

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Play Nice Newsletter on Playground Discipline

Discipline on the Playground Guidance for Playgrounds Supervisors & Staff Discipline on the playground is a challenge at most school sites.   Most schools, however,  strictly enforce classroom rules and procedures in order to maintain a [...]

SHAPE America’s Impact Grants Apply Now.

SHAPE America’s Impact Schools grant program will provide much-needed funds and professional development opportunities to schools to enhance health and physical education programs in high-need areas across the nation while helping teachers continue their studies [...]

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WA PTA Resolution in Support of Recess

Washington PTA: 11.27 BEST PRACTICES – RECESS AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Resolution passed 2018 Whereas, children’s physical fitness and children’s engagement in physical activity are associated with greater academic achievement and cognitive functioning, and increased physical [...]

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National PTA Resolution in Support of Recess

School Recess Whereas, Children’s physical fitness and children’s engagement in physical activity are associated with greater academic achievement and cognitive functioning; andWhereas, Elementary school children who have more recess time have been found to have [...]

Peaceful Playgrounds Back to School Sale Ending Soon

Back to School Sale Take advantage of the Back to School Sale Savings.   Sale ends Aug. 31, 2018.  Items include Recess Program, Recess Equipment Package, Recess Roll Out Stencil Set, 2-Go Game Rugs, U.S. Map Stencil, [...]

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Recess is Important according to a variety of experts and professional organizations.

“We need more recess, ” announced a second grader. The CDC, the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree with him! When Catherine Ramstetter, who researches health promotion [...]

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Do your students look dazed after recess? It could be the heat.

As the school year begins, it is important to remember that some children may be mildly dehydrated after playing outside.  Children do not have the same cooling system as adults so they can overheat pretty [...]

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Monthly Peaceful Playgrounds Tip : Play Nice!

Monthly Peaceful Playgrounds Tip: Play Nice! Redwood Institutes a Freeze Signal For this month we introduce the  Peaceful Playgrounds Tip on using a freeze bell.   Most students will benefit from a clear transition from recess [...]

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Should principals fight for recess?

Zia Bossenmeyer, VP of marketing at Peaceful Playgrounds stands with Daniel Pink after Keynote presentation at the National Elementary School Principals Conference 2018. "Fight for recess, it is not a nicety but a [...]

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