Pedometers for Student Walking Program

The We Count Student Walking Program comes with the materials listed below including: kids pedometers, curriculum materials, awards, step count records, mini lessons and a bonus cadence CD.

kids pedometers


Kids Pedometers -Individual pedometers are available. Pedometers may need to be replaced yearly depending on use and treatment.







Student Pedometer Program





We also have the Walking Program Curriculum available for individual purchase.






Pedometer program materials




We Count Walking Program with Kids Pedometers






Songs in Motion CD



Songs in Motion CD

The We Count Student Walking Program now includes a cadence CD to get kids motivated to run.

1. Everywhere I Go,  2. As We March Both Near and Far,  3. A Little Run,  4. Engineer, Engineer, Running Down the Road, 5. Up In The Morning, 6. One Mile, 7. Gotta Move, 8. We Never Stop 9. One Lap,  10. I Count,  11. When My Granny Was 91.




pedometer webinar



We Count Walking Program Training is available in our online learning classes. It covers how to use pedometers with children. Tips for selecting pedometers as well as, how to manage and distribute kids pedometers.



We Count Walking Program  information can be found here: