Individual stencils are available for adding additional game opportunities to your playground.



Hopscotch Stencil – An easy to use a stencil for regulation hopscotch. The full-size roll-out stencil includes directions for laying out and painting, as well as, game instructions.

4 Square stencil



Four Square Stencil – A full-size roll-out stencil makes laying out four square easy and quick. The stencil comes with laying out instructions, painting instructions, and game instructions.






Basketball Key Stencil – A full-size stencil for laying out the KEY of a basketball court. Comes with instructions and painting tips.





U.S. Map Stencil – Our most popular playground stencil comes in the form of a large 27’ by 16’ feet strips of paper that lay together to make the full size map with states outlined for painting. Begin by laying out the paper, next chalk in the dots to form the states, then lift the paper and connect the dots. This forms the complete map of the U.S. with states outlined making it ready for painting. Paint instructions and color suggestions are included with the stencil directions. As a Special Bonus, our map stencil includes a booklet of U.S. Map Game Suggestions. This is a geographically and proportionately accurate map of the United States. Great for geography activities and history lessons.




World Map Stencil – The World Map Stencil comes with complete instructions & paint specifications. The eight section stencil has holes which define detailed borders of the continents, countries, oceans and largest lakes of the world. Covers an area 20′ x 36′.