School Playground Designs

The purpose of the Peaceful Playgrounds Physical Activity Programs is to introduce children and school staff to the many choices of playground games available on playgrounds and field areas. The Peaceful Playgrounds blueprints, playground stencils, and playground game guides make laying out your new playground a breeze.

Peaceful Playgrounds Cost Savings

The Peaceful Playgrounds Program provides a low-cost avenue for K-8 schools to organize and manage their schoolyards and playgrounds. For a tenth the cost of conventional playground structures, schools can now have an active play area that spreads kids across the entire playground resulting in fewer problems. Used in over 8,000 Schools!

Unlike other playground companies, we have a do-it-yourself kit for improving your playground

Peaceful Playgrounds results identified by principals

  • 66% saw a decrease in playground confrontations

  • 83% reported more children participating in games

  • 56% reported students getting along better in school

  • 67% reported decrease in playground injuries

  • 64% saw a decrease in bullying

Fitness Fun Trail Demo

Over 9,000 schools across the nation have implemented Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program