Board Members

Butch Owens, President
Butch Owens is a retired educator from Murrietta Valley Unified School District. During Mr. Owens’ time teaching, he served as a teacher and administrator working within the alternative education programs at both the school and district levels. The majority of his educational experience was spent focused on both special needs students and alternative education environments.

Olivia Bissell, Vice President
Ms. Bissell is an attorney at law and a member of the California State Bar. Currently, she is a Senior Partner at Bissell & Associates, P.C. and has almost 30 years experience including jury trials and arbitration. Ms. Bissell is concerned about fitness and maintains a regular cardio fitness routine in her daily life.

Brent Owens, Secretary
Brent Owens is a local businessman and entrepreneur within Riverside County. He is a father of four active children and has run numerous successful businesses bringing new product inventions to market. He is involved in youth sports and was an athlete himself during his youth.