Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Striper Paint Machine comes with 6 white cans of spray on striping paint
  • Additional cans of striping paint in different color options can be purchased at your local hardware store
  • We recommend 4 colors RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN. 1 Gallon each is more than enough. (School colors are a good choice)
  • Rolling VS Spray: Rolling allows a heavier coat with more pigment. The amount of color that you add is a personal choice.  However, be aware that one 4 square court (depending on its size can take 2 gallons). We recommend rolling on the paint with a roller and using gallons instead of spray cans. Paint by the gallon is less expensive and goes farther also.

Watch a video of how to use the stencils


When you purchase the stripping machine from Peaceful Playgrounds, Inc. you will receive the machine which uses aerosol spray paint or “marking paint”.  This is for marking or outlining the courts.  The paint machine comes with 6 cans of  WHITE contractor’s quality paint.   It is recommended that you shouldn’t use spray paint off the shelf at a hardware store. This paint will not cover well nor last.


How much paint should I buy:

  • the amount of paint you need depends on the number of markings you are adding to the playground and how much color you choose to put on the playground.   (We suggest starting with 4 gallons of 4 different colors of Strippers paint,  masonry paint or tell the clerk you are painting on asphalt.)
  • Other than outlining the games, color is usually rolled on from a gallon of paint.

Other supplies needed when purchasing the Recess Program.

  • 4 gallons of roll on stripers paint (Available at Home Depot and Lowes)
  • Playground Chalk
  • Rope (for making an accurate circle)

How many students can utilize the Recess Program Kit?

  • Multiple classes of students can play at a time with Peaceful Playgrounds. More information here.
  • The program comes with 200 pieces of equipment and replenishment equipment packs can be purchased.


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