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    US Map Stencil Games Book. Twenty new games to encourage outdoor learning activities. Games Include: Capitol Toss, State Word Search,  East to West, Capitol Match, Capitol Spelling Challenge, Hands Across America, Exercise By Number, State Relay, Knock Off, State Abbreviation Relay, State Shake Walk, Guess and Travel, Where I’ve Been, Name Three, Musical States, How Far Away, Going to Missouri, Whiteboard State Relay, Popcorn States, and Spell One.   ***INSTANT DOWNLOAD***  In your hands in 10 seconds. U.S. Map Stencil Games
  • School Playground Report

    This is a pdf download of a playground or recess report form. Put the 8.5" by 11" (4) report form on the copier and track playground incidents.
  • PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION: A How To Guide For Playground Supervisors

    The book will include: Chapter 1 includes Featured Articles on: Playground Supervision Reduces Injuries, People Make a Difference on the Playground, Playground Supervision Accident or Injury, The Effects of Peaceful Playgrounds on Injuries  and Playgrounds Can Be Safe: Injury Reduction. Chapter 2 includes Tip Sheets for playground supervisors to take to the playground or to hand out to playground supervisors at the beginning of the school year: Playground Supervisors Tip Sheet,  Ten Tips for Improving Playground Supervision, Tips and Techniques for Supervising the Playground, How to Respond to Discipline Issues on the Playground, and a sheet on Playground Supervisor’s Instructions. Chapter 3 consists of forms that may be helpful in supervising the playground including: Equipment Checkout Form, Playground Behavior Reports, and a  Public Playground Safety Checklist and an article on Handling Emergencies on the Playground. Chapter 4: Guides consists of various guides for the playground including: A Playground Supervisor’s Guide and information on download two free guides 1) Dirty Dozen Playground Injuries and the Playground Safety Handbook from the CPSC.  ***INSTANT DOWNLOAD***  In your hands in 10 seconds.   DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!
  • PE Curriculum Fundamental

    Special Introductory Offer.  $499  for a School Site License

    Fundamental Movement Program : A digital physical education program contains the ingredients of a uniquely designed physical education program for preschool thru grade 3.    The skill-based guide was designed for quick reference and is filled with activities kids love! Teachers will appreciate the checklists, award certificates, and assessments which aide in monitoring student progress in the eleven areas: Balance, Body and Space Awareness, Eye-Foot Coordination, Hand-Eye Coordination, Jumping and Sequencing, Locomotor Movements, Social Skill Development, Fitness, Skill Development through Games, Small Motor Coordination and Total Body Coordination.  Skills Task Cards for each theme makes teaching easy for even the least experienced teacher.  Tablets make the program an inexpensive option that insures lesson plans and activities are never more than a click away. The program is based around 11 themes and each theme includes a teacher guide, a student checklist, a participation certificate, a set of task cards (which can be displayed on a tablet or phone), Lesson Objectives Reporting Forms, Assessment Grids, as well as a Parent Page to keep parents involved and supportive of the physical education experience. This program includes lots of Teacher Ready Made Materials including 9 sets of Brain Breaks, Physical Education Posters, Anti-Bullying Posters, Be Active Poster Set, Exercise and Workout Card Sets and so much more!

  • 10 Rainy Day Cov New

    10 Rainy and Snow Day Activities for Indoor Recess and PE

    Today although a nuisance, there are many positive activities appropriate for rainy days that keep kids active and burn off excess energy allowing students to focus and sit during afternoon lessons. With the emphasize on physical activity with our First Lady’s "Let’s Move" Campaign, the National Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Association, created a list of activities designed for indoor activities for getting kids active called Integrating Physical Activity into the Complete School Day. I’ve scanned the list for activities that could be conducted for indoor recess or physical education activities on inclement days. Please leave comments. Visit for additional resources.
  • Board Game- Pitstop

    Pitstop is a board game designed by Peaceful Playgrounds for an indoor activity on a rainy day or snow day. This is one of 10 Board Games that span K-8. The perfect answer for Indoor Physical Education as well. Pitstop is formula motor racing at its best. It is a dice game based on racing formula motor cars. It is a sure hit with motor racing fans. Scan the QR code in the preview section to see the game in action. Pitstop is aimed at 3-8 graders. This board game requires rolling 5 dice and moving around the board which is designed for two racers. This unique game guarantees loads of fun on a rainy day or snow day when students are trapped inside. Game requires double digit adding. Print Game Board at 11 x 17". Laminate if preferred and add two markers and 5 dice. Designed by Dr.Melinda Bossenmeyer
  • Last Player Standing is a board game designed by Peaceful Playgrounds for an indoor activity on a rainy day or snow day. This is one of 10 Board Games that span K-8. The perfect answer for Indoor Physical Education as well. Last Player Standing is a multiplayer dice game based on boxing. It is a sure hit with boxing fans. Scan the QR code in the preview section to see the game in action. Last Player Standing is aimed at grades 1-8 graders. This board game requires rolling 2 dice and players try to roll a pre-selected "Knock Out" number to remove opponents from the ring. This unique game guarantees loads of fun on a rainy day or snow day when students are trapped inside. Game requires some adding but relies on chance. Print Game Board at 11 x 17". Laminate if preferred and add two dice and a marker for each player. Scan QR Code for game playing instructions. Designed by Dr.Melinda Bossenmeyer
  • Sale! 4 Exercise CardsExercise Cards

    Exercise Cards In English and Spanish

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    The Peaceful Playgrounds set of Exercise Cards are easy to use and describe the exercises in the set,  as well as, have an illustration for each task card.  They are a great idea for brain break activities inside or perfect for warm up exercises in physical education class held outside. The digital download provides instant access to the pdf format of 12 exercise cards.  This makes a great edition to the Peaceful Playgrounds line of products for  a quick instant activity or warm up that can be student led.
  • workout cards

    Workout Exercise Cards

    This set of 12 workout cards shows an illustration of the various exercises to be performed. Set includes: Push ups, leg lifts, bent knee toe touches and more. Great for Brain Breaks and indoor recess or physical education.
  • P.E. Activities Station Cards are ready to print and go.  This P.E. Activities Station Card/Sign Set is great for movement stations.

    There over 200 station cards/signs around the following them sets:  Agility, Balance, Body Image, Cooperation, Hopping, Kicking, Running, Social Skills and Throwing and Catching. The P.E. Activities Stations Cards are 9 sets of approximately 20 skills-based activities in each set.  Each station card complies with  NASPE standards-based instructional teaching and there are plenty of activities for the students to take part in for school year. The PE Activities Skills Based Stations Cards/Signs are designed for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.
  • PE Activities
    THE DAILY DOZEN PE ACTIVITIES ARE part of the "If I only had a ______" Series of Physical Education Activities. Each Daily Dozen Set includes 48 PE Activities that allow a teacher to teach PE with a limited amount of equipment. Have you wondered, what can I do with 4 balls or just 4 jump ropes? Each set of activities gives you 48 different easy to implement, fun activities organized around an equipment theme, for example, hoop skills and activities for elementary school children. 528 Activity Cards in Set Themes included in the COMPLETE 11 sets are: hoops, small balls, large balls, dots, soccer balls, ropes, bean bags, balloons, cones, and two no equipment needed sets of cards for social skills and drama activities. K-6   A site license entitles you to duplicate the PE Activities to all member of a school site up to 50 teachers.  Comes with copyright release for duplication rights.
  • Kids will love this 13 Board Holiday Roll 4 Fun & Fitness Board Game Bundle. Kids roll dice and land on exercise activities. You can play indoors or out in pairs or as a class. A great rainy day activity for indoor recess or physical education. Set includes both a colored game board for laminating and a black and white version to duplicated. 13 Game Board Set includes: New Years, Martin L. King, Ground Hog Day, Valentines Day, St Patrick, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Back to School, Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For ages K-5th grade.

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