Fitness Fun Zone Program

The Fitness Fun Zone is a one-of-a-kind evidence-based physical activity court designed to accommodate 1 to 50 individuals of various fitness abilities.

This Fitness Fun Zone outdoor court includes multiple game and activity applications that incorporate fitness and nutrition.

Schools will appreciate the ease of monitoring the activities that address NASPE Fitness Standards 3 and 4 in a manner that’s both effective and efficient. Ten minutes is all you need to customize your fitness in a variety of ways that allow for maximum to vigorous physical activity!

A study published by The American Physiological Society revealed that aerobic exercise during childhood is essential to cognitive development.

Being sedentary is associated with poorer academic performance. In contrast, exercise programs have been shown to improve memory, attention and decision-making abilities in the young and old alike.

Fitness Fun Zone is for:

Schools PTA’s & PTO’s – Parks YMCA’s Boys & Girls Clubs Fitness Clubs -Physical Activity Supervisors – Recreation Programmers – Physical Education Teachers – Fitness Coaches Classroom Teachers- Landscape Architects – Sports Coaches – After School Programmers – Health Coordinators – Obesity Prevention Coordinators


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Fitness Fun Zone Court:

The Fitness Fun Zone Court represents the core package of materials and includes four activities:

  • Twelve Fitness Stations
  • Twelve Jump Rope Stations
  • Four Corner Court
  • Nutrition Activity.

This core program is the foundation for a continued expanded line of exciting physical activity and sport specific activities coming soon!


Advantages of the Fitness Fun Zone:

  • Reminds Everyone of their Fitness Choices
  • Develops Strength and Endurance
  • Appropriate training for most sports and movement activities
  • Can be modified to suit any age, fitness, and health of each participant
  • Exercises are simple for successful participation
  • Wide range of circuit activities and games for participant motivation
  • Fitness Activity for Indoor Use Included

Fitness Fun Zone includes:

  • Fitness and Jump Rope
  • Activity Stencils
  • Fitness Fun Zone Stencils
  • Jump Ropes, Beanbags, Dice
  • Site License
  • Convenient Storage Backpack
  • Nutritional Cards
  • Activity Manual
  • Fold-Out Blueprint
  • Circuit Training Music CD for 15, 30 & 45 seconds, and 15 minutes continuous play
  • Instructional DVD
  • Paint Machine including white spray paint
  • Fitness Skillastics Activity Kit


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Fitness Fun Zone Brochure
Fitness Fun Zone Brochure
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 Fitness Fun Zone Kit Med


If you are interested in a smaller project check out the Fitness Fun Zone Trail .