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Painting Peaceful Playgrounds at Wallace

Kern Valley Sun Article By Shannon Rapose During a winter break, parents and staff came together to paint hundreds of shapes, footprints and multiuse game markings in the play areas on the Wallace playground creating a "Peaceful Playground."   According to Brian Polston, principal of Kernville and Wallace Elementary,  "the mission of Peaceful Playgrounds is to [...]

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Peaceful Playgrounds: Problem Solving on the Playground

Playgrounds serve to be a microcosm of the world where our kids learn important lessons. They are filled with students who are human.  Perfection may not be possible but the aspiration to create a peaceful playground is paramount.  We want our future generation to accept that everyone is invited to the party and we all [...]

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Peaceful Playgrounds Welcomes East Street Student Back to School

East Street School Returns to NEW Painted Playground Markings When East Street staff and students return to school this year they will be welcomed with a new, colorful and fun painted playground markings. The school is implementing the Peaceful Playgrounds Program . It is based on the concept that several well-marked, colorfully designed  markings  [...]

PSUSD playgrounds transform with new recess program

Wallace Elementary Gets New Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program By Shannon Rapose / Kern Valley Sun During winter break, a handful of Wallace staff and volunteers went to work painting hundreds of colorful shapes, playful footprints and multipurpose game boundaries in the play areas of the Wallace Elementary School and in the Kindergarten yard as part [...]

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The New Peaceful Playground at Wampus

Peaceful Playgrounds Provides and Improved Recess Experience The Byram Hills Education Foundation, Inc. (BHEF) and the Debra Leipman Yale Memorial Fund (DLYMF) recently announced the opening of the new Peaceful Playground recess program at Wampus Elementary School in Armonk. A ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the occasion which was attended by the entire third, fourth and fifth-grade [...]

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Playgrounds Serve as Microcosm of the World

Peaceful Playgrounds january 23, 2018 by carrie froese,  I recently read a publication in the NY Times Sunday Review called My Kid’s First Lesson in Realpolitik.   Annie Pfeifer is a parent bemoaning the need for our children to stand up to bullies.  There is recognition of the fact that “helicopter parents” swoop in with speed and vehemence [...]

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Mother Petitions School Board for Playground Supervision Guidelines from Peaceful Playgrounds

After a school playground incident involving a first-grade student, a child's mother,  Mrs. Romeno petitioned the local School Board to consider playground safety guidelines from Peaceful Playgrounds designed to keep all kids safe on the playground. The incident has turned the mother into an advocate for school playground safety at Guilderland. She presented the board [...]

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Painting Peaceful Playground Games in Oklahoma Schools

Painting Peaceful Playground Games in Oklahoma Schools, July 2015 by: Blake Taylor Lawrence Elementary, Wichita, KS and Vaughn Humbolt, Rosalia, KS In January of 2015, I was asked by Lindsi Lemons the Program Director of Schools for a Healthy Lifestyle, and Jason Hasty of the Putnam School district, if I would be interested in Painting [...]

Grant Helps Bloomington School Develop Peaceful Playground

Marlin Elementary Gets a Grant for New Recess Program The Herald Times by Mary Keck BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Visit Marlin Elementary School  and you'll see a new grant funded playground.  You'll see kids hopping across yellow, blue and red numbers, letters and symbols on the blacktop, their shoes hitting each foot printed on the [...]