Think of open badges as an online resume,  portfolio or a demonstration of skills you learn in a variety of places.  Get recognition for skills you learn anywhere that is coordinated and displayed in the new online system.

Open Badges are information-rich. Each badge has important data built in that links back to the issuer, criteria and verifying evidence.  With Open Badges, every badge is full of information. Each one has important data baked in that links back to the issuer, the criteria , and evidence verifying the credential — a feature unique to Open Badges.

Peaceful Playgrounds joined the New York City Department of Education,  Moodle, Coursesites by Blackboard, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and others issuing Open Course Badges.  Microsoft, NASA, University of Southern California,  and Intel are a few of the organizations, businesses and colleges in the planning stages of offering open badges.

Below is a list of open badges that will be offered through Peaceful Playgrounds in the next few months.

Once a badge is issued through passing a course and a quiz within our online learning system, the learner will be directed to Credly to view their badge.


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