250 Teacher Created Brain Breaks: Basic and Supercharged


Basic vs Super Charged Brain Breaks

A basic “brain break” is a 2 or 3 minute break away from the topic currently being taught combined with a movement activity. The best kind of a brain break is a Supercharged Brain Break which entails a movement activity linked to an academic concept. Supercharged Brain Breaks have a double punch by reinforcing an academic concept and introducing a new movement concept or exercise.

Physical Activity and Health Benefits

Brain Breaks have another important benefit. They can contribute to the recommended daily amount of 60 minutes of physical activity as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Association of Sports and Physical Education.
“Brain Breaks work by getting children moving physically which increases the blood flow by bringing more oxygen to the brain and leads to better concentration. Well developed Brain Breaks can help students stretch, develop flexibility, improve coordination and gain focus for the next lesson,” according to the Action for Healthy Kids Organization.

Professional Article by Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer

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Purpose of Brain Breaks

Well designed Brain Breaks accomplish three purposes: 1) they refresh students, 2) they refocus students for learning and 3) they REenergize students.

Every teacher has experience the glazed look from students who basically need a break. When kids get tired or bored, they tend to check out. Once kids begin to check out mentally ………..they are no longer learning!

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