5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Playground


Improving your Playground

I watched a less popular girl, Allison, walk up to a group of four girls who were playing a game of four-square. As she approached and asked, “Can I play?” she was quickly rebuffed. “The game is closed,” Janey, the ring leader, announced.

Given the school is a Peaceful Playgrounds’ school, I was surprised at the response because of the “You can’t say, ‘You can’t play’” mantra. Allison, whose disappointment was obvious, turned to play another game. Fortunately, the playground was filled with alternate game choices and two other four-square courts. Allison selected one of those courts and soon was happily involved in another four-square game. This time she didn’t ask, but rather waited in line by the letter D.
Permission: is it a good idea?


Improving your Playground

Peaceful Playgrounds’ provides suggestions for improving your playground. One of which is a variety of game choices.  The “You can’t say, ‘You can’t play’” mantra is another strategy for creating a safe and inclusive environment for children to play. Four other easy to implement suggestions round out the 5 tips suggestions.

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