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Case Study Could Shape Physical Education Across the Nation


A professional perspective based on Case Study: Lessons from Los Angeles, in the Journal of Public Health Policy (2009)

For years physical educators across the country have advocated for daily physical education for their students. Legislators have joined the bandwagon and passed legislation mandating physical education for most K-12 grade students throughout CA and across the […]

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Lessons Learned Educating a Community

Last summer, I spent 5 days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during the height of summer, in a record setting heat wave painting playground games on the blacktop. One of those days it was a mere 105 degrees.  What we do for education……

Beside me was a colleague named Tom Grover, the CEO from a playground […]

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10 Rainy and Snow Day Activities for Indoor Recess

10 Rainy Day Cov New

I’ve scanned the list for activities that could be conducted for indoor recess or physical education activities on inclement days.


Indoor Activities for Getting Kids Active

ABC for Fitness –
Their stated mission is to provide a fun, simple, engaging, no-cost, effective activities that encourages physical activity in the classroom. The program is FREE and comes in […]

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Can Physical Education Make You Smarter?

For some time, researchers have known that physical education and exercise changes the structure of the brain, resulting in improvements in concentration, fidgeting and creates new brain cells.

The body-mind link is well documented. But current thinking and actions (like eliminating recess and physical education) leads me to question if some decisions reflect the cliché that […]

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