books on playChildrens’ Books on Play.

Sometimes, all the motivation a child needs, to get outside and play, is a good Children’s’ book on play.

The list below can accomplish just that purpose and more as well.  We explore play from various perspectives in the books selected.

Just One More Game by Martha Hamlett

This story hits home with many children.  It is about a young boy who plays video games instead of going outside to play.  Even though his parents, sister, and friends get upset with him, his goal is to win a spot in the Video Game Hall of Fame.


Andy and his Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson

Andy plays by himself with his yellow Frisbee every day at recess.  But when a new girl arrives and wants to play with him his sister feels uneasy about the situation and just wants her to leave her brother alone.


Keep Going by Mayra Diaz

Keep going is the story of perseverance.  It teaches children 5-8 the value of dedication and effort.


Are you ready to play outside? By Mo Willems

Are you ready to play outside is an early reader with familiar phrases.  It is easy to read.


How do penguins play? By Diane Muldrow

This is a playful rhyming book. Children learn how various animals play with each other with some fun and familiar games.


I can still play by Genny Jones

This book tells the story of a young boy who is injured in a car accident.  Will he ever play soccer again?  Find out in this story about conquering challenges.


Spot goes to the park by Eric Hill

Spot and his friends like to play at the park. What happens when the ball is kicked too far?  This book answers that question.  This is part of the Spot series of books.


Manners on the playground by Carrie Finn

What are the benefits of good manners like sharing, patience, and sportsmanship?  Find out in this children’s book about the playground.


Maisy’s sports day by Lucy Cousins

Maisy is really excited about her first sports day.  Find out what happens with Lucy participates.


The recess queen by Alexis O’Neill

One of my favorite books on recess.  Mean Jean rules the playground through fear and intimidation.  But when a new student arrives, things begin to change.


Froggy plays soccer by Jonathan London

It’s the day of the big soccer game for Froggy. What will happen? Who will win?  Will the team remember the important words of the coach?


Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses by James Dean

Pete wakes up grumpy but then he puts on his magic glasses.  That’s when everything begins to change and Pete realizes that attitude is everything.


We’re going on a lion hunt by Margery Cuyler

A teacher leads her class on an imaginary journey.  As they trample through grass and cross rivers, they come face-to-face with a lion.


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