School Recess: Why some love and others hate this American tradition.

  The school recess movement in Orange County, Florida is growing and even received national attention yesterday when The Today Show put out an elementary recess survey. The national survey shows that 99% of adults participating in the survey favor elementary school recess.  End of the subject?  Not quite.  Parents in nearby Lake County have [...]

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Grant Helps Bloomington School Develop Peaceful Playground

The Herald Times by Mary Keck BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Visit Marlin Elementary School during recess and you'll see kids hopping across yellow, blue and red numbers, letters and symbols on the blacktop, their shoes hitting each foot printed on the pavement or stopping on numbers. It is part of the Peaceful Playgrounds Program.  Students [...]

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Physical Activity Resources

This listing of Physical Activity resources for classroom teachers, P.E. teachers and physical activity coordinators have moved to our member site.              Featured Articles Physical Activity in Schools. Making the Case for Kids Moving More Low Cost High Activity Playgrounds  

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Playground Safety Resources

On this page you will find playground safety resources which you can use to help keep children on your playground safe.  This list of playground safety resources is meant to provide you with resources and guidelines for improving your playground. Related information: School Playgrounds Can be Safe Playground Liability: Accident or Injury When is it [...]

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