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Peaceful Playground Unveiled At Pfeiffer-Burleigh Agencies in Erie County put in Peaceful Playground for Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary. Photo by R Frank Media A Peaceful Playground is a safe play environment that enhances learning, prevents bullying and school injuries, and promotes positive social interactions on the playground. These five solutions make up the Peaceful Playgrounds recess program and [...]

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St Viator’s Distancing Playground

  St Viator's Distancing Playground From Peaceful Playgrounds   CHICAGO (WLS) -- One Chicago school is trying to get creative to keep kids playing and keep them in school -- with a socially-distanced playground.   The playground has a new look at St. Viator Elementary School on Chicago's Northwest Side, allowing students to [...]

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Is it safe to offer recess when schools reopen?

Is it safe to offer recess During a Pandemic? Webb City, Missouri., June 19, 2020 Principals across the nation are faced with an added pressure for fall school reopening.  How to offer a safe recess in the middle of a pandemic? A 6’ Distancing Playground, the brainchild of award-winning educator and playground designer, Dr. Melinda [...]