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Study: Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program increase vigorous physical activity at recess

Study: Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program increases vigorous physical activity at recess.   A recently released study on Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program, documents that the proportion of students involved in vigorous activities during recess and lunch recess, increased significantly from 15% to 25% during a 12-month research project conducted in 2016 by Australian researchers in metropolitan [...]

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Recess Duty: Are you qualified?

By Justin Cahill FROM THE KEEPING KIDS IN MOTION BLOG I am a HUGE advocate for unstructured recess. I firmly believe a 30-minute recess should be a mandatory part of every child’s day, in addition to a supplemental fifteen-minute brain break either earlier or later in the school day. As a teacher, I have a [...]

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