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Fruit and Veggie Toolkit for Kids from American Heart Association

Parents and caregivers are essential decision-makers when it comes to the nutrition, physical activity and health needs of their children. Our Fruit and Veggie Toolkit for Kids is a collection of resources that will help you empower your child(ren) to develop healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits.

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Painting Peaceful Playgrounds at Wallace

Kern Valley Sun Article By Shannon Rapose During a winter break, parents and staff came together to paint hundreds of shapes, footprints and multiuse game markings in the play areas on the Wallace playground creating a "Peaceful Playground."   According to Brian Polston, principal of Kernville and Wallace Elementary,  "the mission of Peaceful Playgrounds is to [...]

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Peaceful Playgrounds: Problem Solving on the Playground

Playgrounds serve to be a microcosm of the world where our kids learn important lessons. They are filled with students who are human.  Perfection may not be possible but the aspiration to create a peaceful playground is paramount.  We want our future generation to accept that everyone is invited to the party and we all [...]