Active classrooms keep students focused and learning.

Purpose of Brain Breaks

Active classrooms utilize well designed brain break activities.  Brain breaks accomplish three purposes: 1) they refresh students, 2) they refocus students for learning and 3) they re-energize students.  Short activities allow students to burn off steam.   They provide a welcome break from academic work by  getting children up and active for a short period of time.   This list of active classroom activities  emphasize holidays and various  fun activities to get your students active.

1. Active Animal Brain Break Cards         January

2. Valentine Cards Brain Breaks                February

3. St Patrick’s Day Break Cards                  March

4. Exercise Dice                                             April

5. Road Trip Brain Break Cards                May

6.  Beach Day Brain Breaks FREE                June

7. Rock Star Brain Break Cards                 July

8. Beach Day Brain Break Cards              August

9. Brag Tags Physical Education              September

10. Fantasy Football Brain Break Cards          October

11. Thanksgiving Brain Break Cards           November

12.  Cowboy Rodeo Brain Break Cards     December

13. Pirate Walk Brain Break Cards           January

14. Halloween Brain Break Cards             October

15. Fall Brain Break Cards                      November

16. Christmas Brain Break Cards             December


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