Golden Bell Award – 1999

California School Boards AssociationGolden Bell Award

E. Hale Curran Elementary School
Murrieta Valley Unified School District
Riverside County

Dr. Chet Francisco, Superintendent; Judy Rosen, Board President; David Koltovich, Principal

Peaceful Playgrounds is a comprehensive playground safety program that brought about an 82 percent drop in injuries on the playground and an 86 percent drop in office referrals.

The program distributes students evenly throughout the playing area and fields, engaging the maximum number of students in healthy, often educational, purposeful play.

The Golden Bell Award For Playground Safety

The Golden Bell Awards program, now in its 21st year, promotes excellence in education by recognizing outstanding programs in school districts and county offices of education throughout California.

Golden Bell Awards reflect the depth and breadth of education programs necessary to address students’ changing needs.

This awards program contributes to the development and evaluation of curriculum, instruction and support services by:

  • seeking out and recognizing sustainable innovative or exemplary programs which have been developed and successfully implemented by California teachers and administrators;
  • recognizing and supporting educators who invest extra energy and time to make a demonstrated difference for students;
  • promoting models which have made a demonstrated difference for students; and
  • focusing on the commitment to ensure the needs of all students are met.

The California School Boards Association believes that identifying exemplary programs in the playground safety category and share information about effective educational strategies with districts and county offices of education throughout the state.

It also boosts confidence in public education by focusing attention on successes in our schools.

Finally, it allows CSBA, on behalf of school governing boards throughout the state, to express appreciation to dedicated educators who strive to provide a high-quality education which challenges all students to succeed.