Playground design contributes to the overall utility and functionality of playgrounds.

The playground is an essential part of any school and every community. Children spend many hours of their day occupying themselves with what the playground has to offer. The nearby neighborhood may enjoy both its appearance and its utility.

A playground design that includes well marked game activities provide increased motivation for children to enter into an activity and become engaged in purposeful play, thus cutting down on playground confrontations.When color is added to game markings, it not only is aesthetically appealing, but allows for academic learning opportunities as well.

Game markings should be developmentally appropriate according to the age and motor skill abilities of the children. These playground designs show the appropriate game markings based on the age of the children. The designs also recommend placement and distance between activities for various game markings. A helpful tool for parent groups or painters.

Four Playground Designs:
Peaceful Playground Designs and Blueprints

  • Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Primary (grades K-3)
  • Upper (grades 4-6)
  • Field Designs and Markings

A set of 4 Blueprints and 4 Activity Guides are included with the Program Kit.

Please note that these games must be measured out .

The stencils included in the Peaceful Playgrounds Program Kit are the numbers, letters, feet and shapes which are for the detail work in painting the playground.

A time saving solution to measuring out the games is the Recess Roll Out Stencil Pack which includes roll out stencils for our most popular recess games including: multi-use circle, four square, number line, hopscotch, target and ball hopscotch.

A Site License is issued for the use of these designs at a single school site.

Blueprints are include with the Peaceful Playgrounds Program!