injured girlPlayground Injuries Fact Sheet

Playground injury data is typically taken from children arriving at a hospital emergency room for treatment. This information provides an opportunity to review your playground and analyze problem areas where most injuries occur.

Where Children Get Injured:

  • About 45% of playground-related injuries are severe fractures, Internal injuries, concussions, dislocations and sometimes even amputations (Tnsworth 2001).
  • 75% of nonfatal injuries related to playground equipment occur on public playgrounds such as schools and day care centers.
  • On occasion, a small percentage of playground injuries result in death. (70%) of injuries resulting in deaths occur on home playgrounds.  When children die as a result of playground injuries 56% of the time it is from strangulation and 20% of the time it is a result of falls to the surfacing.

At-Risk Groups

  • 55% of injuries are to girls
  • 45% of injuries are to boys

Injuries Based on Equipment Type

  • In public playgrounds, most injuries occur on climbers
  • On home playgrounds, most injuries occur on swings
  • Low-income areas are also a risk factor for injuries. It seems that low-income areas are maintained less and related hazards are more plentiful in these areas (ie. trash, rusty equipment, and improper or not well-maintained playground surfacing etc.)


Playground Injuries: Where children get injured
Playground Injuries: Where children get injured
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Tinsworth D, McDonald J. Special Study: Injuries and Deaths Associated with Children’s Playground Equipment. Washington (DC): U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission; 2001

CDC Playground Injury Fact Sheet –

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