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  • School Playground Report

    This is a pdf download of a playground or recess report form. Put the 8.5" by 11" (4) report form on the copier and track playground incidents.
  • Enjoy this kids favorite from the Popular Games Series. Turkey Tails is a fast paced, fun and challenging dodging and quick movement game. Say goodbye to video games this game will quickly become your students' favorite game. Limited supplies needed (an old sock for each child) and you have everything you need. Check out our other games in our POPULAR GAMES SERIES coming soon. A sure hit for K-8.
  • Posters Be Active


    The Be Active Your Way Set of 5 posters provide suggestions for an active lifestyle.   The posters suggest being active every day, walking to schools begins an active day, and playing sports brings fun everyday.  Great for a health lesson or encouraging kids to unplug from technology and go outside and play.   Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer Founder/President Peaceful Playgrounds, Inc. ©2015 Bossenmeyer All Rights Reserved.
  • Exercise Egg Relay 8x8
    The Exercise Egg Relay is a fun activity for Spring. Instructions and Exercise Station Cards are included to make the activity simple and fun to run. Kids will enjoy a next twist on an old game.

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