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    This online course highlights supervision responsibilities, legal issues surrounding playgrounds and how to keep kids safe. Course includes quiz and Playground Supervisor Certificate upon passing the quiz.  
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    This course was designed to meet state bullying prevention training requirements for school staffs.  The course will: 1. define bullying as prescribed by law,  2. give an overview of state legislative requirements,3. provide teacher and staff training on responding to bullying and 4. will give guidance to the district, school and staff responsibilities as defined by legislation. Includes Professional Development Completion Certificate and Open Badge Certification. Call for volume pricing 951-245-6970.
  • A Peaceful Playground? Sound Impossible? It’s not. With a few proven strategies we’ll show you how to reduce bullying, and reduce playground conflicts, resulting in happy students and a thankful staff. Our research indicates that 5 situations contribute to 95% of all problems on typical elementary school playgrounds. In this fast paced webinar we’ll share those problem situations and our proven strategies for turning your playground into a “peaceful place for fun and games.”
  • A few brave principals across the nation are bringing a long standing school tradition to an end. They are advocating Recess Before Lunch. Recent research shows the number of schools implementing Recess before Lunch is rapidly growing. Kids eat more, waste less food, return to class calmer, behave better and as a result, instruction time is increased. Sounds great but implementing Recess Before Lunch can be tricky. In this training  we share 5 steps to prepare staff, students and parents for successful implementation.    
  • This training reviews the research on pedometer walking programs geared toward children.  It also provides some suggestions and tips for using pedometers with children.
  • Grant Writing 101 Training

    Good grant writers follow a proven formula that results in successful funding and “most importantly” grant implementation. Grant Writing 101 for beginners will cover:
    • The do’s and don’ts of grant writing.
    • Critical elements necessary for getting your grant funded.
    • Strategies and support provided by Peaceful Playgrounds in your grant writing efforts
    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear practical advice from an experienced and successful grant writer. Dr. Bossenmeyer’s grant writing has secured more than $10 Million in funded educational grants.  This course issues a completion certificate and open badge upon passing the final quiz.
  • This training reviews the research on Low Cost, High Activity Playgrounds.  It provides some suggestions and tips for improving school playgrounds so children are physically active.