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    Peaceful Playground Program Kit, Equipment Companion Package, Recess Roll Out Stencils, Instructional Games DVD Series, School Set Activity Guides, Striping Machine and Paint, Site License, Staff Webinar and more....  Considered the standard in K-6 playground design.   * “We recommend that you do not schedule a paint day until you receive all the materials at the school site or center . ”
  • 1. PE Program Kit 2. PE Companion Kit 3. PE Roll Out Stencil Set 4. Striping Machine & Paint 5. PE Program Site License Additional information on the Fundamental PE Program
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    Walking and Jogging Track

    $1,449.00 $1,249.00
    Peaceful Playgrounds new Walking and Jogging Track is great for getting kids moving and perfect for those days when it is too wet to run out on the field.  The track was designed for elementary schools who rarely have the benefit of a designated running space.  Some schools have put the track on the perimeter of the blacktop playground and others have added it in a large square on one portion of the playground.  Set comes with Letters, Numbers, feet and shapes which can be added to the walking and jogging track.  Contents included:
    1. 40 plastic reusable stencils
    2. Online Support and Layout Suggestions.
    3.  Site License
    4.  Paint and Paint Machine
  • Jump Rope Activity Stencils, Fun Zone Stencils, Jump Ropes, Beanbags, Dice, Nutritional Cards, Activity Manual, Blueprints, Music CD, Instructional DVD, Paint Machine, Storage Backpack & Skillastics Activities Kit. Link to a detailed listing of components.
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    Physical Activity Court and Trail

    A new physical activity program includes a permanent physical activity court and a trail that is painted on the playground.  Unlike  a fitness par course that requires expensive outdoor equipment stations, the physical activity court/trail is low cost, easy to implement and can be added to existing space or the perimeter of an asphalt area.   Another benefit  is the  elimination for carrying bulky cones and mats to the playground for stations which instead, are permanently painted stations immediately ready for student and community use.

    Package Contents:

    1) Plastic Reusable stencils
    • For lines, dots, ladders, numbers, feet, right foot, left foot and logo.
    2) Paint and Paint Machine
    • Our paint machine can be used on asphalt, cement and grass areas. The coordinated machine and paint work together to provide crisp, clean lines and bold marks quickly and professionally. This high quality paint striping machine features 7″ wheels to provide a smooth ride on hard surfaces, such as concrete andblacktop. Engineered and designed for easy operation and durability.
      • 18-gauge all-steel construction
      • 6-cans paint
      • Stripes widths of 2″ to 4″
    3) 40 Instructional Videos
    •  QR codes for online viewing with smart phone or tablet
    • 20 ladder drill videos with QR codes
    • 8 line drill videos with QR codes
    • 12 dot drill videos with QR codes
    4) Drawings/diagrams of activities
    • Foot placement illustrations for drills.
    5)  Online Support and Layout Suggestions.
    • Online layout configurations and examples with distance recommendations.
  • Complete program set includes 10 single function pedometers, progress charts, parent letter, step log, certificate and motivational stickers along with teacher materials on CD.
  • The We Count Student Walking Program Curriculum includes: progress charts, parent letter, step logs, certificates, music CD and more Need to put a spark into your walking program?  Revitalize your program today! Curriculum kit comes with a Site License for use at a single school site.  The Master Set of all materials and  Curriculum CD  can be used  over and over again at a single school site.
  • Fall Theme Brain Breaks

    NOVEMBER FREE DOWNLOAD Grab this set of Fall Theme Brain Breaks  that’s sure to motivate active learning.  Brain Breaks help to focus children, re-energize them and get them up and moving in a classroom.  Students have fun with a “themed” set of 12 brain break cards.  Some examples include: Apple picking, Acorn Toss, Leaves, Wheel barrel, Fall, Hot Coco, Pumpkin Hop, Cat, Autumn, Juggling, and Black Bird.

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