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Painting School Playground Markings

School Playground Markings Add Painted Games to Your Playground

Full-Size Roll Out Playground Stencils make it easy and fun.

In painting school playground markings the following supplies are necessary: 100-foot measuring tape, paint, playground chalk, snap line, a taut rope on a stake for marking the radius of circles, old cloth for spills, large sticks of chalk for detail work, and layout prior to painting.

Paint for School Playground Markings

Color adds a great deal to school playground markings aesthetically.  Playground Stencils adds functionally.

The paint colors may be selected on preference. It is recommended that the primary, kindergarten, and preschool playgrounds use primary colors to enhance color recognition.

Colorfully painted playground games are inviting and fun! Use “Stripers” (parking lot) paint for streets and curbs. It is the most durable outdoors on asphalt. Use a well-known local paint supplier. Stripers paint is available at Home Depot or Lowes.

Tip for painting playground games: Large areas like 4 square courts and multi-use circles do not require that you paint in the background of each circle or square.  This requires using a great deal of paint and does not add to play value only aesthetics.  You might consider painting in the background on smaller games and using colors to paint small squares to denote squares A, B, C, and D.  This is a huge cost-saving and still looks nice. (see photo)

school playground markings

Example of a painted playground.

Sweep, wash down and let the area be painted dry completely prior to painting the designs. Use chalk and layout the entire playground before beginning painting. New asphalt should be allowed to cure for one month prior to painting.

  • Use a roller for applying paint to a large surface area.
  • Paint machines or brushes are both suitable when working with grids.
  • Do not use a top sealer, as this could contribute to slippage.

School Playground  Marking Machine is available with 6 cans of white stripers spray paint and paint machine, for outlining all the game courts. We sell only white commercial contractors’ quality striping paint. Detail work is rolled on and we recommend 4 colors (red, blue, yellow, & green.) One gallon of each will be more than enough. Detail work is letters, numbers, shapes, and feet.

It is important to use the correct type of paint so that it will wear properly in the outdoor environment. We RECOMMEND STRIPERS PAINT OR PAINT USED TO PAINT PARKING LOTS OR STREETS! Oil-based paint tends to be messy and not easy to clean up, which is why we recommend water-based latex paint. If you are having a hard time finding stripers paint then MASONRY  paint can also be used and mixed to the proper color.

Use Water-based Latex Paint For Painting Games on the Playground

Water-based latex paint can be specially formulated for painting playground marking areas and is available in many colors.  This is the fastest drying asphalt-appropriate paint and will be dry to the touch in less than three hours.   Oil-based paint tends to be messy and not easy to clean up, which is why we recommend water-based latex paint.

Be sure to sweep down the surface and then wash it down the day before painting. It is not necessary that you use a top coat or sealer. It can sometimes create slippery surfaces depending on several factors so test a small area before using.

Most Popular Playground Games

  • 4 square
  • Longball
  • Basketball
  • Around the World
  • Tetherball
  • Multi-use Circle
  • Wallball
  • Alphabet Track
  • Running Track-Painted Line
  • KDG- Tricycle Track
  • Prisoner Court (VB)
  • Skipping Track
  • US Map
  • Beanbag Toss

Turf Area Games

Large areas of turf are very attractive, offer a soft surface, and are most desirable for playing many games. When using both the grass and blacktop areas you spread out the distribution of children for better space utilization.

For lines in the grass of a permanent nature, mark the courts with a grass killer type product. Refer to your local school policy for guidelines appropriate use and safety around children.

Most states have regulations as to what chemicals can be used around children. Therefore districts typically supervise any chemical that is put on grass or elsewhere on school grounds. Your grounds department or gardening crew typically have a chemical that they use to burn the lines in.

We recommend you check with the people who mark your football or baseball fields at the local high school. They will most likely have an approved product for marking in the lines.

A chemical burn really means a chemical that kills the grass on the 2″ line. This may in fact be a commercial weed killer. Be certain to check what products are regulated by your state.

Regardless of the safety assurances, it is highly suggested that children stay off the grassy areas at least 48 hours after the grass is treated. A line marking machine is available at most high schools or district facilities departments.

Supplies for Marking Your Playground

School playground marking paint

  • Playground Chalk
  • Rope
  • Stake(s)
  • Old Rags
  • Stripers Paint
  • Paint Stir
  • Chalk Snap Line
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Brush
  • 100 ft. Measuring Tape
  • 25 ft. Measuring Tape

The Peaceful Playgrounds detail stencil set is included in our Program Kit. The complete set of 41 stencils includes:

  • Letter Set (A – Z)
  • Number Set (0 – 9)
  • Shape Set (Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle)
  • Feet Grid (1 Piece with 2 feet)

U.S. Map Stencil


US Map Stencil

The U.S. Map is our most popular playground stencil. The map illustration looks approximately how your finished map will look. Follow the simple instructions for best results.

Map Stencil Layout

  1. Locate where you want the US Map playground marking which is about 27 feet wide by 16 feet high.
  2. Make sure the surface is clean. Sweep and wash if needed.
  3. Unroll stencil sections 1 & 2. Start laying out sections 1 & 2 approximately 15 feet below the top of your cleared area. This will allow you room for Alaska.
  4. Anchor the stencil with masking tape to keep the wind from blowing it around. (Hint: Don’t lay out map stencils on a windy day!)
  5. Unroll stencil section 2 below and next to section 1.  Layout the stencils in order 1-6. Be sure the stamped edges of the sections are aligned and the adjacent edges are close together.
  6. Unroll the rest of the sections in order, so that the final layout looks like the illustration.
  7. Note that there are TWO versions of Alaska off the west coast. The large is done in the same scale as the rest of the states. . . Alaska is enormous. The smaller version is included for grounds that do not have enough room to paint full-size Alaska. Tape together the sections of Alaska you wish to use. Cut Alaska out and move it above Washington as on the Illustration. Also, move the Hawaiian Islands as shown.
  8. Chalk the holes with white school chalk (recommended), or paint with spray paint.
  9. Remove the stencil.
  10. Connect the dots.
  11. Paint the states  (it’s also recommended start painting middle states and work your way out, to avoid stepping on already painted areas)

 Painting Tip

QUESTION: How do I paint the white line between the states? ANSWER:  Painting the state lines in white is a job for a skilled painter.  It will also double the amount of painting time.  Put simply it is an individual choice.  We see it as nice but not necessary.


U.S. Map Inquiry

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


Touch Up U.S. Map Stencil

Touch Up U.S. Map Stencil

  Finished painting the U.S. Map

US Map School Playground Marking

1. Use 100% acrylic paint (stripers paint) or masonry paint. We’ve found that you will need about 1/2 gallon of each color. If you are using full-size Alaska, you may want to conserve paint by only painting the outline.

2. Pick out 4-5 colors of your choice. A useful idea is to give each team (of helpers) a color. Give each painter a copy of the color map so they can go to each of their states and begin painting.    It also eliminates the need to ask “What’s next?”

3. Helpful items: sponge brushes for the borders, regular bristle brushes to paint states, coffee cans with water to wash brushes, rags, knee pads.

World Map School Playground Marking

Size 20 X 36 feet.

Roosevelt Elementary School Kearny, NJ

World Map Stencil

Laying out the World Playground Map Stencil




chalking the world playground map

Chalking the World Playground Map






World map playground markings

Painting the World Playground Map

Before and after pictures of playground transformation with Peaceful Playgrounds Kit

before school playground markings

After school playground markings addedYour school playground can go from unattractive to beautiful with the PeacefulPlaygrounds Recess Kit. All it takes is some volunteers, some paint, and PP Recess Kit. Lanier Elementary transformed its playground by adding 30 painted games and markings to both the kindergarten playground and the elementary playgrounds.

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Implementation Guidebook

This guidebook is meant to support you in your implementation process. Careful monitoring and research conducted on the Peaceful Playgrounds program indicate proper implementation is the key factor in accomplishing the outcomes of the program.

Peaceful Playgrounds Implementation Guide
Peaceful Playgrounds Implementation Guide
Implementation Guide 5 2013.pdf

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Playground Implementation Forms

These forms will assist you in organizing and reporting on your playground activity.

This document includes a Pad of 4 ready-to-print “Playground Report” forms and a Peaceful Playgrounds “Equipment Checkout Sheet.”


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252.7 KiB
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For more information on playground safety, contact The Consumer Product Safety Commission at (800) 638- 2772 or You can view the “Handbook for Playground Safety” (pdf) and the “Public Playground Safety Checklist” or get a free copy by writing to CPSC, Washington, DC 20207.

Recess Stencil Set

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