The playground is an essential part of any school and every community.

Children spend many hours of their day occupying themselves with what the playground has to offer. Reducing playground confrontations can may the experience more enjoyable.

The nearby neighborhood may enjoy both its appearance and its utility.

Well marked game activities provide increased motivation for children to enter into an activity and become engaged in purposeful play, thus cutting down on school recess and playground confrontations.

Office disciplinary referrals are drastically reduced on a colorfully marked playground.

“These new designs allow for more game choices, which results in fewer problems and increased engagement in activities.” – Assistant Principal Ashley Falls School

Increase Motor Skills

When color is added to game markings, it not only is aesthetically appealing, but allows for academic learning opportunities as well. Game markings should be developmentally appropriate according to the age and motor skill abilities of the children.

“The Strategic Alliance Institute recognizes our program for providing quality physical education, facilities and equipment for active play.” – Strategic Alliance

Appropriate blueprints for painting blacktop spaces are available in the following age groups: Preschool/Kindergarten, Primary (K-3), and Upper Elementary (grades 3-6). Ablueprint for suggested turf designs is also available for grades 1-6.

Dramatic Injury Reductions

playground confrontationsThe Peaceful Playgrounds Program distributes students evenly throughout the playing area and fields. With colorful markings and plenty of equipment, the objective is to engage the maximum number of students in healthy, often educational, purposeful play.

Recent studies have shown decreases of over 80% in serious playground injuries after implementing the program. Office referrals have been reduced up to 86%.

“Another brilliant piece to the puzzle is the Peaceful Playground lessons for kids about conflict resolution – because knowing how to play hard AND nice is at the core of everyone going home happy.” – Iconoculture

Community Involvement

playground reportCommunity members and parent groups such as PTA, PTO high school leadership groups, and Boy/Girl Scout Organizations are often looking for service projects for the community. The Peaceful Playground Program has packaged the materials and necessary supplies for creating a fun-filled “Peaceful Playground” at a reasonable cost.

Maximize Playground Efficiency

When the Principal of Pioneer Elementary in Escondido realized that with a playground of less than 4 acres for a student population of over 1,000 students something needed to be done to maximize the time the students spent on the playground. She turned to Peaceful Playgrounds for the solution.

“Now our students have structured games to engage in and it allows them to learn skills that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. It has reduced the number of discipline problems on our playground.”


Peaceful Playgrounds video


Peaceful Playgrounds Program VideoPeaceful Playgrounds Program Video
The standard for safe elementary school playgrounds!
Introduction to the Peaceful Playgrounds Program – 20 minutes.
Benefits Identified by our schools.

What is Peaceful Playground?

We are so lucky here at Solana Vista to have the Peaceful Playground Program! It is grant-funded and was implemented in January, 2012. Our blacktops went through a drastic transformation and the end result was a colorful and inviting playground that provides our students with many options during recess and lunch periods. Peaceful Playground reduces bullying and exclusion, promotes fair play and builds good sportsmanship. Some of the games available include pickle, foursquare, tetherball, shuffle board, alphabet and number grids, hopping and skipping lines, multi-use circles and squares, and other 100+ other games. It is designed to maximize the number of students involved in physical activity, rather than having them wait in lines or sitting out.

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