Active Design in Schools

[ Active Design Active Design in schools is using spaces like the asphalt and grass (which most schools have) to design activities where children can be active. Every child deserves a healthy, positive school environment. Children’s physical, emotional and social development all benefit from daily physical activity and healthy eating. [...]

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Assessing Physical Activity

Physical Activity assessments are numerous and needed to indicate the effectiveness of interventions or programs.  The list below was originally compiled for Physical Education for Progress Grants.  Select from the list below when measuring physical activity program interventions.   Assessing PA The School Health Index (SHI): Self-Assessment & Planning Guide 2014 is an [...]

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Bullying Prevention : Members

Bullying Prevention Members Area   Preventing Bullying: A Manual for Schools and Communities       California Department of Education. The manual reviews bullying model programs and include a teacher’s guide and make reference to bullying videos, and bullying books for children.   To End Bullying Teach Empathy Empathy toolkit       [...]

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