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Recess Makes Kids Smarter: Scholastic Magazine

By Caralee Adams, Instructor Magazine Each day in the classroom kids are being told: "Be quiet. Sit still. Be quiet. Sit still," says Nelly Torres, a parent of a first and a fourth grader in the Chicago Public Schools. "That's because they need their recess." Torres, 42, still lives in the same neighborhood she grew [...]

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“One Playground that Works” : Family Circle Magazine

   Kids Learn to Play Nice! Family Circle Magazine From the Editor - 04/01/1998 "We used to run around like crazy at lunchtime," admits my son, Matthew, who is a fourth grader at Roberge School in River Vale, New Jersey. "Now we have neat stuff  to do." That neat stuff consists of colorfully planned [...]

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A Perfect Playground is an Accessible Playground

Peaceful Playgrounds games and markings are painted at ground level making it easy for wheelchairs and walkers to maneuver around the playground. A Perfect Playground - Fun for Everyone When Its An Accessible Playground Palaestra Magazine Cover Story - Spring 2002 - Part 1 In sunny Southern California, where most days allow for [...]

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The Lay of the Land With Colorful Playground Games

Summer 2002 By Greg Bennett Today's Playground Magazine There is much more to a school playground than the local play structure. There are basketball hoops, swing sets and playground games. There are open areas to play on and there are softball diamonds. But often these open areas are underused. The more popular areas often put [...]

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A Plan for Playground Games

PTO Today Magazine April 2003 Playground Bullying and Conflicts Decrease Recess is meant to be a break from the classroom, a time for making friends and make-believe. But in reality, recess often involves intense competition, playground bullying, and conflicts that carry over into the classroom. As enrollments have risen at elementary schools across the country, [...]

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The Case for School Recess

Why School RECESS Really Matters Parenting School Years Magazine November 2010 We've all heard of "the three R's": reading, writing, and arithmetic. The latest issue of Parenting School Years magazine is making a case for a fourth: School RECESS! No, your kid didn't put anyone up to it. More and more educators and their higher-ups [...]

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