Covid-19 Resources

Distancing Playground

physical distancing playground program

Blueprint Designs

6’ Social Distancing Playground follows CDC Guidelines for Schools Advisory for Covid-19.    The playground consists of a series of Activity Zones with age-appropriate games and learning activities to be painted on existing playground surfaces using blueprints and prefabricated stencils.  QR codes can be scanned with smart phones or smart tablets for video instructions on all the games and activities which inform teachers teaching the activities.  There are 9 Activity Zones.

No Equipment Card Sets

K-6 No Equipment Rev CardsThe pack of activities includes activities appropriate for any playground and specifically for COVID-19 activities where the use of equipment is not recommended in schools.  This set of digital files.  The activities can be played on the Distancing Playgrounds developed by Peaceful Playgrounds on most of the game markings.

This represents a set of 242 station cards or  16 different sets of cards.  The card sets include Brain  Breaks, Exercise Cards, Workout Cards, Yoga cards,  and Stretching Cards.  All activities are appropriate for the COVID-19 environment as well as after the pandemic passes.  Appropriate for indoors or outdoors alike.


Recess Solutions Webinar: How to offer recess safely during the pandemic

Covid-19 Playground GuideAs schools prepare for a new normal for the fall, how to safely offer recess is an important consideration. In the webinar, we will explore, “Is it even possible to offer a safe recess”?   What does the CDC say about recess in their school advisory for the pandemic?  How are some schools offering recess in the fall?



School Reopening State Documents

This is a collection of some of the documents that provide guidance for reopening schools during the pandemic.  Feel free to send us documents for posting from your state or county. We’ll post and share them.

Pandemic Lessons Learned from the Spanish Flu

Pandemic lessons learned from the Spanish Flu You may be wondering how, without medicine or a vaccine, the 1918 Spanish flu was extinguished?  By Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer My history lessons sometimes come from my family’s diaries and letters passed down through the generations.


Back to School CDC Recommendations Including Recess, PE & Athletics

“Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools, a key takeaway is that students benefit from in-person learning, and safely returning to school this fall for in-person instruction is a priority.”  Read this article on the CDC  recommendation for keeping kids safe.  Aug. 2021