• This Sensory Pathways Set comes with 5 stencils and a set of task cards to add an instructional component. It introduces easy and challenging movement experiences. The set includes Instructional Task Cards, Vocabulary Cards, Assessment Cards, Extension Activities, and At Home Parent Cards and Activities.
  • 6 of our more popular markings for getting children involved in recess games.  When kids are involved in games, you have fewer problems.  Game Markings include Hopscotch, Number Line, Multi-Use Circle, Four Square, Ball Hopscotch, and Target. Please note-  Stencils are full size and made of paper to keep costs down. All stencils arrive complete with full game rules, lots of activity suggestions, layout, and painting instructions.

  • The objective of My Plate Card Game is to build a healthy plate covering each of the my plate categories with a card. The game can be played with 2 or more players each with an enclosed My Plate Game Mat. Set includes 40 Game Cards and 5 Game Mats. A fun way to learn about a balanced meal and the My Plate concepts.
  • The Fitness Fun Zone Fitness Trail has 24 stations which can be configured to meet your needs.  You can make a huge 24 station fitness trail utilizing all 24 station stencils or 2 smaller 12 station trails.  The smaller 12 station trail consists of a set of exercise stations like long jump, jump to the sky, quick jumps, and twister to name a few.   The 12 jump rope stations include: Bell, Basic jump, skier and straddle cross jumping to name a few. Scan the QR codes with a smartphone to see demonstrations on how to perform activities at each station.
    More information on the Fitness FunZone Fitness Trail.
  • Paint machine for striping the playground Our paint machine can be used on asphalt, cement and grass areas. The coordinated machine and paint work together to provide crisp, clean lines and bold marks quickly and professionally. This high quality paint striping machine features 7" wheels to provide a smooth ride on hard surfaces, such as concrete and blacktop. Engineered and designed for easy operation and durability.
    • 18-gauge all-steel construction
    • 12-can storage
    • Stripes widths of 2" to 4"
    In addition to the paint machine you will receive 6 cans of "commercial quality" white spray paint for striping game outlines.
  • The regulation basketball court stencil provides for an accurate key forming a shooting range from both the 2 point  line  and the 3 point line.  The basketball court stencil includes layout and painting instructions.  The paper stencil eliminates measuring. Easy to install. Low cost and accurate. No room for a full basketball court?  No problem.  Install shooting keys with this economical stencil.  
  • The hopscotch stencil is one piece of large paper for the court and one sheet of numbers.   Dots outline the court and then you connect the  dots,  and paint inside the squares.  Need more than one hopscotch court?  No problem move the paper to the next spot for the court and repeat. It’s easy, quick and no need to measure. Stencil comes with layout instructions and game rules for Four Square. Hopscotch is a child favorite grades 1-3.
  • The Four Square Stencil comes with 4 large pieces of paper with holes to chalk the outline of a square and move paper to repeat the chalking 4 times.  It’s easy, quick and no need to measure.  Stencil comes with layout instructions and game rules for Four Square.  A real favorite of students grades 3-6.
  • A Peaceful Playground? Sound Impossible? It’s not. With a few proven strategies we’ll show you how to reduce bullying, and reduce playground conflicts, resulting in happy students and a thankful staff. Our research indicates that 5 situations contribute to 95% of all problems on typical elementary school playgrounds. In this fast paced webinar we’ll share those problem situations and our proven strategies for turning your playground into a “peaceful place for fun and games.”
  • The Peaceful Playgrounds onsite training is our most popular staff  and most effective professional development offering.  We send a trainer to your school site for a 2 hour training on the components, philosophy, and a hands-on experience of actually playing 10 of the  most popular Peaceful Playgrounds games.  You may also want to invite neighboring schools and you can use you training day to schedule a morning and an afternoon training session for the same cost.
  • US Map Stencil Games Book. Twenty new games to encourage outdoor learning activities. Games Include: Capitol Toss, State Word Search,  East to West, Capitol Match, Capitol Spelling Challenge, Hands Across America, Exercise By Number, State Relay, Knock Off, State Abbreviation Relay, State Shake Walk, Guess and Travel, Where I’ve Been, Name Three, Musical States, How Far Away, Going to Missouri, Whiteboard State Relay, Popcorn States, and Spell One.   ***INSTANT DOWNLOAD***  In your hands in 10 seconds.  
  • A comprehensive set of physical education and recess equipment that will help you maximize your physical education  or recess programs. This equipment pack includes approximately 200 pieces of equipment including thetherballs, kickballs/soccerballs, table top pump, softballs, cones, jump ropes, bean backs, and more!
  • OVERSTOCK CLEARANCE SALE -While quantities last only.

    10 markings for teaching physical education or recess.  Game Markings include Ladder, Vari-Beam, Block Walk, Midline and Crossover Walking Grids, Beam, Hopscotch, Beanbag Toss, Alphabet and Number Grids. Please note-  Stencils are full size and made of paper to keep costs down. All stencils arrive complete with full game rules and lots of activity suggestions.
  • World Map Stencil with complete instructions & paint specifications.  The eight section stencil has holes which define detailed borders of the continents, countries, oceans and largest lakes of the world. Covers an area 20' x 36'.  (Note- Given country boundaries can change the accuracy of the map varies). * “We recommend that you do not schedule a paint day until you receive the stencil at the school site or center .  ”   Large paper stencil to keep costs down.
  • Individual Student Step pedometers for use with the We Count walking program. Call for quantity discounts when ordering over 50 pedometers.
    Learn more about our pedometers and We Count Student Walking Program. 
  • This strong and secure playground ball cart holds 20 balls.  Equipment not included.
    Want to know more about the ball cart?
  • Replacement playground equipment includes thetherballs, kickballs/soccer balls, softballs, scoop balls, throw down bases, jump rope sets, cones, volleyballs, mesh nets, playground balls, basketball, jump rope, footballs, and nylon bags.
  • The We Count Student Walking Program now includes fun new cadences recorded specially to get kids running.
    • Everywhere I Go
    • As We March Both Near and Far
    • A Little Run
    • Engineer, Engineer, Running Down the Road
    • Up In The Morning
    • One Mile
    • Gotta Move
    • We Never Stop
    • One Lap
    • I Count
    • When My Granny Was 91
    Eleven fun songs to run to, that promote physical activity.
  • 42 Integrated Movement and Learning Activities

    6 Full Classroom Sets of 2 Go Game Rugs -  Great for Brain Breaks Materials 2-Go Games Rugs which are great for Brain Break Activities integrate physical activity with academic learning standards designed for indoor classroom movement and learning.  The 2-Go Games Program includes 6 colorful large game mats and 180 matching student table cards with markers.  Enough for 6 full classrooms!
    What to know more about 2 Go Games?
  • The U.S.A. Playground Map Stencil is popular among schools and for playgrounds.  This geographically and proportionately accurate U.S.A. Playground Map Stencil is easy to apply and can be painted by 2 adults in five hours.  Outlining the states in white as shown is optional and requires additional time.  Putting in State Abbreviations is not recommended as it limits the learning opportunities.
      • Complete instructions with paint specifications.
      • In order to keep costs down, we offer this affordable, eight section single use, paper stencil with holes which define detailed borders of the 50 states and the five Great Lakes.
      • Continental U.S.A. (48 states) covers an area 16′ x 27′.Large Alaska – 161x135”, Small Alaska – 72x60”, Hawaii – 48x30”Scale 1 foot = 100 miles.
    • Encourages Educational Classroom Projects in History, Economics, Geography, and Politics.
    • "We recommend that you do not schedule a paint day until you receive the stencil at the school site or center.  "
     Link to more information about laying out and painting the U.S.A. Map Stencil