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Parents Information – 2001

Parents Information Website – 2001

Illinois – South School has utilized the Peaceful Playgrounds Program successfully for the past two years. This program, developed by Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D. has had a great impact playground conflicts and rough play  during recess time.

Playground conflicts and rough play have been reduced to a minimum as students have learned to participate in a variety of fun activities, and how to quickly solve disagreements.

Interestingly, a time tested favorite – Four Square has been the most popular activity among the intermediate grade students at our school. Bean bags, scoops and whiffle balls, soccer balls, basketballs, jump ropes, “cheese balls”, playground balls, and volleyballs are provided for use by students in the many activities.

Students have also shown their creativity by developing new games and activities of their own. The guiding principles for participation are fair play, and making sure that all students are included in the activities.

Playground conflicts that may arise can be quickly resolved through Conflict Resolution Options. Students choose from the options of Walk, Talk, or use of the Emergency Plan.  Would you believe that the Emergency Plan is as simple as students agreeing to do Rock, Paper, Scissors? Well, it is!

Students have shown great maturity by using this plan and accepting the outcome. Teachers have been able to spend more time teaching and less time settling playground disputes!

For more information about this program and how to bring it to your school, contact us , or visit Peaceful Playgrounds at

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