Physical Activity Articles (Kids)

What does moderate to vigorous physical activity mean for kids?  by Rachel DeHaven, Physical Activity Specialist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Simply put, moderate and vigorous are terms to explain how hard your body is working when doing that particular activity. Exercise physiologists measure activity in metabolic equivalents or METS. One MET is defined as [...]

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Recess Articles

Articles on Improving Recess Improving Recess The 2014 School Health Policies and Practices Study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 82.8 percent of elementary schools provided a daily recess for all grades indoors, while fewer than two-thirds of middle schools and only 26.5 percent of high [...]

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Play Articles

Listing of play articles most current articles on the top. How Play Fits Into Social and Emotional Learning.  All of Chicago Public Schools are seeing big gains by allowing students to play.  By Jill Vialet Playworks Founder   The Critical Place of Play in Education.  U.S. Play Coalition Document. This document is on Play in [...]

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