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Physical activity : Making the case for kids moving more.

What is Physical Activity? Kids enjoying physical activity. Physical activity is any bodily exercise that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness. We think of physical activity as burning energy or calories. For health benefits, physical activity should be of moderate or vigorous intensity, according to the USDA. Some examples [...]

Physical Activity At School: Get A Move On

Low Cost Solutions to Getting Kids Active at School  Monday-Friday By Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D. Children six years and older need a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity a day. So physical activity at school makes for a perfect opportunity to accomplish this.  Below you will find some great suggestions for getting children physically active [...]

Schools Role in the Childhood Obesity Crisis

  First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled her strategy for tackling the nation’s childhood obesity crisis. Mrs. Obama’s initiative is called Let's Move, and includes a website with tools and background on the initiative. Her speech was informative and inspiring. One quote was particularly compelling. “We can’t build the future for our youth, but we can [...]

Nutrition in Schools – Childhood Obesity

There is a public health crisis facing the United States and many countries around the world. Unlike so many public health crises resulting in disease, it can't be cured by an inoculation. The disease has reached epidemic proportions and is called childhood obesity.  We need to address nutrition in schools before its too late. 20% [...]

10 Tips for Healthy School Lunches

Ideas for  Healthy School Lunches   [jwplayer config="Large Player" mediaid="4534"]   1. Serve a Hot Meal Schools across the country are beginning to prepare hot meals on site making available healthier choices thus eliminating or reducing fried foods and junk food from school grounds. The problem, however, is that healthy foods can take longer to [...]

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