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Open Badges Courses – Peaceful Playgrounds

[jwplayer config="large" mediaid="9099"] Think of open badges as an online resume,  portfolio or a demonstration of skills you learn in a variety of places.  Get recognition for skills you learn anywhere that is coordinated and displayed in the new online system. Open Badges are information-rich. Each badge has important data built in that links back [...]

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Thank you!

Course Instructions.   Thank you for signing up for a Peaceful Playgrounds online course. Please enter your login and password to begin the course.   Return to the online learning menu and locate your course to begin. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and open badge upon passing a quiz.

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Online Bullying Prevention Training – State Compliance Training

This course is designed to meet state bullying prevention training requirements for school staffs. The course will: 1. define bullying as prescribed by law, 2. give an overview of state legislative requirements, 3. provide teacher and staff training on responding to bullying and 4. will give guidance regarding, the district, school and staff responsibilities as [...]

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