Bullying Prevention Training

This course is designed to meet state bullying prevention training requirements for school staffs.

The course will:

1. define bullying as prescribed by law,

2. give an overview of state legislative requirements,

3. provide teacher and staff training on responding to bullying and

4. will give guidance regarding, the district, school and staff responsibilities as defined by legislation.

Downloadable samples of the required forms are interspersed throughout the Bullying Prevention Training Online course. The training is built around the U.S. Department of Education’s Report called, ” Analysis of State Bullying Laws and Policies” and takes into consideration new policies and legislation passed since its release.


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4.6 MiB

The online course concludes with a 25 question quiz. Upon passing the quiz each participant will receive a Certification of Completion for the National Bullying Prevention State Compliance Training.

The online course was developed by Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer. As a county office administrator, she was certified and provided State Compliance Training in the areas of literacy, mathematics, and School Board Training. Her training programs were approved by the California State Board of Education with a 100% approval rate over an eight-year span with an average of 8,000 teachers a year receiving the training.

Multiple purchasing options are available including state, county, district, school and individual rates through our online learning platform.  An annual licensing fee is also available should you wish to offer the National Bullying Prevention Compliance Training course on your server.  Course customization is available for a fee. Call for specific pricing options. (951) 245-6970.

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