Daniel Pink Picture

Zia Bossenmeyer, VP of marketing at Peaceful Playgrounds stands with Daniel Pink after Keynote presentation at the National Elementary School Principals Conference 2018.

“Fight for recess, it is not a nicety but a necessity,”  was the message take-a-way contained within Daniel Pink’s presentation to the National Elementary School Principals at the annual Conference.  Daniel Pink was the Tuesday keynote speaker with a popular message.  Speaking on his latest book, “When,”    Pink told principals, “don’t think of breaks as a deviation from learning.  Think of them as PART of learning.   He also pointed out the scheduling breaks and recess is important, just like schools schedule the rest of the school day.  Finally, he pointed out that principals should fight for recess due to its overall contribution to learning.

He pointed out what the research says about breaks,

  1. Something beats nothing
  2. Moving beats stationary
  3. Social beats solo
  4. Outside beats inside

They all sound like recess to me.  Want to improve recess in your school?  Here’s how.