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1001, 2015

Grant Helps Bloomington School Develop Peaceful Playground

The Herald Times

by Mary Keck

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Visit Marlin Elementary School during recess and you’ll see kids hopping across yellow, blue and red numbers, letters and symbols on the blacktop, their shoes hitting each foot printed on the pavement or stopping on numbers. It is part of the Peaceful […]

409, 2014

Peaceful Playgrounds participates in 2014 NFL- United Way Kickoff Event

by RACHEL DAWSON,  Federal Way Mirror Reporter

Sept.  3, 2014

Former Seahawks Steve Largent, Mack Strong, and Warren Moon joined more than 50 volunteers and representatives of United Way of King County and Dairy Management Inc. to help uplift Federal Way’s Lake Grove Elementary playground on students’ first day back to school.

As the […]

1609, 2013

Playground project adds interactive playground map

The parents and the staff of the Menallen Elementary School playground committee have been striving for two years to make the outside play area a nicer and safer environment for the students, and a recently attained fun and an interactive playground map brings them one step closer.

Parent and committee member […]

1609, 2013

New playground games promote peaceful play

By Kate Thayer TribLocal reporter

Recess isn’t just about swinging and sliding for some students in District 54. Instead, they’re playing problem-solving playground games with the aid of colorful drawings on the blacktop.

This year, Douglas MacArthur Elementary School in Hoffman Estates became the third school in the district to begin the […]

1609, 2013

School Recess gets a dose of peace at Nottingham West in Hudson

Danielle Curtis

Photo by : William Wrobel  The Telegraph

When one player made a mistake and wanted a “do-over,” others reminded him that was against the rules, and he quietly, if somewhat unhappily, returned to playing.

And in another area of the Hudson school’s playground, students picked teams for a kickball game, choosing […]

1609, 2013

School Days: Peaceful Playground has students on the move and reducing bullying.

Talbott Spring Elementary Aims to Reduce Bullying and Conflicts.

By Lauren Rosenberg

Bullying reduction comes in many different forms.  Armed with cans of red, yellow, lime green and blue paint and rolls of masking tape, approximately 15 parents and staff members, along with a half-dozen students from Talbott Springs Elementary School, spent […]

209, 2013

Peaceful Playgrounds encourages positive behavior

 PTO and teachers target positive behavior outcomes with installing Peaceful Playgrounds

Nearly two dozen parents, teachers and students arrived at Donaldson Way Elementary School early Saturday morning to help paint a new “peaceful playground” for students, a press release reported this week.

According to the statement issued by the school’s Parent Teacher […]

209, 2013

Fun, Colorful, and FREE ‘Peaceful Playground Recess Program’ on the way!

‘Peaceful Playground’ recess program to be installed with Lowe’s Grant funds

The district is pleased to announce it has received a $5,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant to design and install a “Peaceful Playground” recess program on campus over the summer.

Peaceful Playgrounds are collections of colorful, permanent, and inexpensive ground-based games […]

209, 2013

Fifty year-old playground gets Peaceful Playground makeover

Lemmer Elementary opens with new playground makeover
By Jason Raiche – staff writer ( , Daily Press

ESCANABA – Students at Lemmer Elementary School now have new playground makeover allowing them ample opportunities for fun games and activities during recess.

The project was made possible through the school’s involvement with the Peaceful Playgrounds […]

2808, 2013

MIS cuts ribbon on Peaceful Playground

Monticello Intermediate School’s new “Peaceful Playground” was dedicated Friday morning, with students and adults joining to celebrate the opening of the new play space, which is designed to provide games that will teach children conflict resolution and cooperation skills, and combat childhood obesity.

The “Peaceful Playground” is a asphalted area which […]

203, 2013

On the Path to Playground Peace Thanks to PEP Grant

 Moorpark Acorn News
New program in school district battles bullying
By Darleen Principe
Moorpark kids are learning how to keep the peace on the playground, one conflict at a time thanks to new PEP Grant.

In an effort to battle bullying and teach basic conflict-resolution skills, the Moorpark Unified School District is implementing a […]

801, 2013

Play Right at Recess- It’s Like A Miracle

Play Right
Marni Pyke
The Northwest Herald

A year ago, controlled bedlam reigned in the South Elementary School playground in Crystal Lake during recess.

Children played a chaotic version of soccer that led to brawls and name calling. Those intimidated by the rough games wandered around the playground aimlessly at recess. Teachers wasted time […]

801, 2013

Eliminate School Recess? California State University San Marcos

Eliminate School Recess?
Let’s Skip It!
Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.
California State University San Marcos

Every decade or so educators stumble upon a really bad idea. The elimination of school recess is one such current example. Citing valid, yet, inconveniencing reasons such as liability concerns, supervision hardships, and the pressure to increase academic achievement, some […]

801, 2013

Peaceful Playgrounds Reduction In Playground Problems

How to have a Peaceful Playgrounds – 1999

Aria Lopez-Rosende
Principal, Pioneer Elementary

I first learned about Peaceful Playgrounds (PP) as a classroom teacher over 10 years ago and heard about the resulting  reduction in playground problems. Then I became I Principal of Pioneer Elementary in Escondido and realized that with a playground of […]

801, 2013

Recess Program Reduces Playground Conflicts and Rough Play

South Elementary School Web
Parents Information – 2001
Parents Information Website – 2001

Illinois – South School has utilized the Peaceful Playgrounds Program successfully for the past two years. This program, developed by Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D. has had a great impact playground conflicts and rough play  during recess time.

Playground conflicts and rough play have been reduced […]

801, 2013

Carlsbad school achieves peaceful playground

  Lisa Petrillo
The San Diego Union Tribune – 05/02

Given the jungle rules of some playgrounds, where the biggest and toughest tend to dominate, consider the scene recently at El Camino Creek Elementary.

A recess came and went, with 822 children running loose during a sublime spring afternoon and no body cried, […]

801, 2013

Mount Shasta’s: Peaceful Playground

By Paul Boerger
Mount Shasta News
September 2003
The Mount Shasta Elementary School playground has been recently transformed by a group of parents and citizens from the old style run around and see what happens play yard into a colorful, organized and Peaceful Playground.

With approximately $1,700 from the local fund-raising group Partners […]

801, 2013

North School PTA Organizing School into Peaceful Playground

By Jane Long
The Breeze-Courier
September 2003
PTA Members Organize Playground for Students

Taylorville – Recess – it’s supposed to provide young students with a time to release pent up energy after sitting at their desks, a time to make friends and have fun while exercising.

But too many times today, recess can develop into a […]

801, 2013

Bellview’s New Playground Design

 September 2003

By Lynn Atkins
Rogers Hometown News

At Bellview Elementary, the newest tool for teachers measures 40 feet by 100 feet.It’s their new playground design by Peaceful Playgrounds.  It’s also the perfect example of teamwork between the school, the parents and the city, according to playground improvement coordinator Stacey Kinzer.

The Peaceful Playground […]

801, 2013

More Fun with Productive Play During Outdoor Recess

By Jane Long
The Breeze-Courier
October 2003
Students enjoy outdoor recess with lots of game choices.
Taylorville – Four third-grade students at North Elementary School urgently request bean bags from the playground supervisor in order to play hopscotch as outdoor recess starts. They grab the bags, run to the game board stenciled on the […]

801, 2013

Recess and P.E. Critical to Success

Back to School

Not only adults but also children need physical activity in order to stay happy, healthy, and focused. If you have children of your own, this won’t come as a surprise. However, one out of every four school-age children are being severely limited in the amount of physical activity […]

801, 2013

Painting Playground Games at Center Woods Elementary

August 2004
Goffstown News

Recess at Center Woods Elementary School will be a lot more interesting and fun this year. As part of the Peaceful Playgrounds program, volunteers have been painting  playground games such as hopscotch, pickle, around the world, four square, and number and letter grids.

“I’m excited,” said Assistant Principal Laura […]

801, 2013

Bringing Peace to the School Playground

Redlands Daily Facts
August 2004

In 1973, an idea struck Los Angeles educator Melinda Bossenmeyer after years of being a teacher and a principal within the Riverside County Department of Education.

“I noticed that some kids didn’t have many of the skills necessary in peaceably solving problems on the school playground,” she says. […]

801, 2013

Playground Games Cuts Down on Injuries and Resolves Conflicts

Kane County Chronicle
September 2004
The action was fast-paced as fifth-graders at Wild Rose Elementary School learned the rules of new playground games. Bean bag four square involves tossing and catching a bean bag with a scoop.

“It’s fun because it’s very athletic,” student Cameron Staroske said. The rules to the playground […]

801, 2013

The New Rules – Playground Monitors Emphasize Behavior Expectations

 January 2005
The new rules and behavior expectations.

Corvallis Gazette-Times
As a second-grader slips down the covered slide at Philomath’s Clemens Primary School on his tummy Thursday morning, school behavior assistant Cheri Stouder blows her whistle.

Stouder has been watching a group of first-grade and kindergarten students playing during lunch recess and has already […]


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