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A series of articles on children’s health topics such as physical activity, bullying, school playgrounds, school recess, nutrition, PE, childhood obesity, and play.




Physical Activity: What is it? Why is it so important?

 What is physical activity and why is it important?   Physical activity is any bodily exercise that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness.  We think of physical activity as burning energy or calories. For health benefits, physical activity should be moderate or vigorous intensity, according to the USDA. Some examples of [...]

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Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program Kit

The playground is an essential part of any school and every community. Children spend many hours of their day occupying themselves with what the playground has to offer. The nearby neighborhood may enjoy both its appearance and its utility. “With the Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program Kit, you can [...]

Physical Activity Articles (Kids)

What does moderate to vigorous physical activity mean for kids?  by Rachel DeHaven, Physical Activity Specialist, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Simply put, moderate and vigorous are terms to explain how hard your body is working when doing that particular activity. Exercise physiologists measure activity in metabolic equivalents or METS. One MET is defined as [...]

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Recess Articles

Articles on Improving Recess Improving Recess The 2014 School Health Policies and Practices Study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 82.8 percent of elementary schools provided a daily recess for all grades indoors, while fewer than two-thirds of middle schools and only 26.5 percent of high schools offered physical [...]

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Peaceful Playgrounds’: Designed for Learning

An ever constant mantra in teaching is "what is the learning objective?"  Is your playground a place of active learning?  When I was a principal, I remember an experience while observing a classroom of 3rd graders.  Students were digging in a sand bucket for plastic dinosaurs. In California, dinosaurs are not in the 3rd-grade course of [...]

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Professional Learning Networks: Grow 4 it!

This blog post is written by Paul Rosengard, Consultant to the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation.  Follow Paul at @paulrosengard Grow 4 It! Part 5 – the “T” in “Grow 4 It!” stands for, “Tracking Your Plan” Hello and welcome back to this series on professional growth – for physical educators! If you haven’t already read all [...]

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Physical Activity and Academic Achievement

Physical Activity and Academic Achievement The evidence surrounding the link  between physical activity, physical fitness and academics is growing stronger and more abundant.  This page of articles, research students and information on the brain and academic improvements serves to document this connect.   Catherine Davis - Georgia Regents University Speaking on the Brain [...]

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School Recess: Why some love and others hate this American tradition.

  The school recess movement in Orange County, Florida is growing and even received national attention yesterday when The Today Show put out an elementary recess survey. The national survey shows that 99% of adults participating in the survey favor elementary school recess.  End of the subject?  Not quite.  Parents in nearby Lake County have [...]

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Recess isn’t just play time for children it’s time well spent

School recess holds a special place in the heart of the American public school student, according to the editorial in today's Concord Monitor. Life Lessons Learned on the Playground However, beyond the love of recess, there are also many life lessons that are learned on the playground. Parents are beginning to understand how important recess [...]

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Playground Supervision: Ten Tips for Improving Playground Safety

By Melinda Bossenmeyer,  Ed.D. Playground Supervision Serious accidents which occur in schools typically happen on the playground, and often playground supervision is a contributing factor.  In fact, approximately 200,000 accidents each year send children to the emergency room for treatment of an injury which occurred on the school playground. The following tips are designed to [...]

Discipline on the playground : A “how to” guide for supervisors

Discipline On the Playground Discipline on the playground is a challenge at most school sites.   Most schools, however,  strictly enforce classroom rules and procedures in order to maintain a safe classroom environment for students. When students go to the playground for recess, the classroom rules are not adequate for some playground behaviors. For this reason, [...]

Brain Breaks: Basic and Supercharged

Purpose of Brain Breaks Well designed Brain Breaks accomplish three purposes: 1) they refresh students, 2) they refocus students for learning and 3) they re-energize students. Every teacher has experience the glazed look from students who basically need a break.  When kids get tired or bored, they tend to check out.  Once kids begin to [...]

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Why School Recess Makes Kids Smarter

  According to a second grader, Allison Rincand, her favorite activity at school,   “Recess because I get to play with my friends.”  Her response mirrors the majority of children in elementary school where over 80% of students rate recess as their favorite subject. For decades most people have assumed that recess was unimportant, and its [...]

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Five Tips for Making Your Playground Kid Friendly

By Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer I watched a less popular girl, Allison, walk up to a group of four girls who were playing a game of four-square. As she approached and asked, “Can I play?” she was quickly rebuffed. “The game is closed,” Janey, the ring leader, announced. Given the school is a Peaceful Playgrounds’ school, [...]

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Physical Activity and the Brain

Why Active Kids Make Better Learners “Physical activity has dramatic effects on individuals’ physical mental health,” according to Charles Basch in his report, Healthier Students Make Better Learners. Put simply, educational outcomes are directly influenced by health. It is no surprise that students’ fitness levels continue to be low and obesity and overweight categories [...]

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